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By saorsa.elegy · Feb 28, 2008 · ·
  1. saorsa.elegy
    Content~satisfied, at ease, comfortable
    This place, these people! They inspire me. They teach me new things. I am able to say things to you, that others do not understand. Even if you don't agree with me.
    You teach me to listen, to give sound advice.
    This place doesn't exist in the physical world. We meet on a virtual plain. Where we make each other smile, laugh, feel sadness, have accomplishments.
    Here it is safe. Guarded from enemies that look to judge you and chastise you.
    I am content with this place

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  1. skittlez721
    "The amount of relation is all to real."
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jan 11, 2018
    So many feelings and emotions as I read this short, yet powerful piece. As I sit in my favorite rocking chair on my porch, plugged into DF at 2:27am, my wife and child are asleep in our home and I am contently one with myself, my gear, and a secret life and love for drugs. And I don't feel like a horrible person.

    It's full of people that I don't even know, yet are instantly connected by such a taboo common interest that they share or can relate to.

    The first sentence, "they teach me, they inspire me," had me feeling this sense of contentment and relief knowing I can have a place to communicate honestly and not be so hard on myself for what I chose to do with my life. There's an opportunity to learn and give back as well.

    It really is an awesome feeling to be able to "go" somewhere with a bunch of people and share our experiences and offer advice and talk about something so openly without fear.

    Getting older and more settled in my life I view my using completely different than say 10 years ago. I WANT to be smart and educated and most importantly safe. There are opportunities to offer helpful advice or just an understanding ear that may just be the exact thing that someone needed at that moment in time.

    All I can really say is that I stumbled across what the author @saorsa.elegy describes as, "a safe place," and it's probably one of the most important things on the internet. This article sums up, for me, how I feel every time I enter the door and login. Great Job and thanks for the opportunity to "get stuck, edit like crazy, and get in touch with some really cool emotions and feelings.


  1. savingJenniB
    Nicely said.
    I agree.
  2. crispeewld1
    Swim agrees and finds herself thinking how beutiful ???? is w/out ever seeing ????
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