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Convicted crack dealer gets busted maturbating in 2 grocery stores

By Basoodler, Jan 1, 2013 | Updated: Jan 1, 2013 | |
  1. Basoodler

    A convicted drug dealer who pleaded guilty to indecent exposure Dec. 20 is back in the York County jail on $200,000 bond after Rock Hill police found him with his pants around his ankles after allegedly fondling himself in two stores, according to police reports.

    The suspect, Gregg Lamont Millner, 37, of Fort Mill, allegedly fondled himself Friday at the Lebo’s store in The Market shopping center on Cherry Road and at It’s Fashion Metro in the same shopping center before officers arrested him, Rock Hill Police Department records show.

    The crime shocked people in both stores, as Millner was following customers around and terrifying employees who did not know whether Millner was armed or what his intentions might be, according to a clerk and a customer. Millner, wearing a long black coat, was rubbing himself at the second store near the cash registers when police arrived, reports state. When an officer opened Millner’s coat, Millner’s pants were down at his ankles.

    Employees and customers at It’s Fashion Metro noticed Millner and worried that a violent crime might happen, said Khamika Sharp, one of the store supervisors. Millner was asked whether he needed help by sales associates as he stood by the registers

    Sharp said, but he just stayed there. The employees were scared.

    Sharp rushed to a store nearby so that the suspect would not be alerted and called 911.

    “People were afraid he might have a gun – nobody knew what he wanted or why he was there,” Sharp said. “Customers, associates, everybody was scared. There were kids in the store. Something wasn’t right.”

    Millner registered as a sex offender Dec. 21, according to court records. On Dec. 20, Judge Michael Nettles sentenced Millner to three years in prison for fondling himself in 2011 at a Fort Mill convenience store but suspended the sentence to two years’ probation and time served – the 147 days that Millner had spent in jail after his arrest on the Fort Mill fondling.

    When Sharp heard that Millner had just been released from jail after pleading guilty to a similar crime, she was anxious that a sex offender would be accused of another crime within days.

    “Wow – that is awful,” she said.

    Terry Johnston, a customer at the Lebo’s store where the first incident occurred said both he and his girlfriend noticed the man and asked a clerk to call police.

    “You could see him fondling himself, and it made people uncomfortable,” Johnston said.

    Johnston said officers told him Saturday that Millner had just been sentenced to probation for the same type of incident.

    “It does bother me that he got out and did this kind of thing again, but it looks like now he would have his probation revoked and would have to stay in jail and not bother anybody else.”

    A concern for public safety could keep Millner in jail at least temporarily and potentially for a longer stretch. Probation officials could ask a circuit judge to revoke Millner’s probation from the Dec. 20 sentencing and impose the three-year sentence as a matter of public safety, said Pete O’Boyle, a spokesman for the S.C. Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services.

    Millner also was placed on two years’ probation in 2009 after pleading guilty to selling crack cocaine, O’Boyle said.

    Andrew Dys



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