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Cooler full of weed donated to Goodwill.

  1. detoxin momma

    MONROE, Wash. – Somebody donated a lot more than they intended to at a Goodwill in Washington State last week.

    Goodwill employees in Monroe got a surprise when they opened a donated cooler and found marijuana.

    Make that lots of marijuana.

    Monroe police were called in to investigate.

    “(The) employees were surprised when they opened the lid,” the police said in a tweet.

    The Monroe Police Department said the cooler contained 3.75 pounds of pot, with an estimated street value of $24,000.

    Police said Goodwill was examining its surveillance video to see if it can find an image of the person who may have dropped off the cooler.

    Photo: Monroe Police

    Original Source

    Written by: Tribune Media, Mar 15, 2017, fox news

Recent User Reviews

  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    "How Thougjtful"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 16, 2017
    Just imagine how taken back you'd have been had you discovered this little bundle!:D


  1. DorianGray16191098
    Washington state is "Hell of a State"
    Just imagine how weed is burning in that hell!
  2. Diverboone
    "3.75 pounds of pot, with an estimated street value of $24,000"

    WOW! Sounds like this Police Dept has been getting ripped off, if they are paying over $6,000.00 per pound. Either that or they are purposefully lying to the public to generate sensationalism. Which ever it may be, they both do little to assure the tax payers that there tax dollars are being well spent.
      perro-salchicha614 likes this.
    1. Budgetadvisoryservice
      That's about $14 a gram.

      It's common for the police to value drugs found in a bust according to the retail price of the drug in its smallest commonly sold increment.
      In this case, the value indicated seems to fit that pattern.

      Sure, it's an unreasonable price for a pound, but it follows with the practice, which you highlight, of inflating the value of busts in order to sensationalise the reportage.

      Pigs are fucking liars man.
      perro-salchicha614 likes this.
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