Cop smoking crack caught on video

By Euphoric · Oct 8, 2008 · ·
  1. Euphoric
    BRANTFORD -- A now-suspended city cop was caught on a police surveillance video smoking crack cocaine and snorting the painkiller oxycodone in his cruiser while on duty in 2007.

    Jeffrey Glen Servos, 31, pleaded guilty yesterday in Ontario Court to one count of possession of a controlled substance.

    The sentencing date has not been set.

    Servos also faces charges under the Police Services Act. He remains suspended with pay.

    An agreed statement of facts filed with the court indicated that surveillance showed Servos snorting a prescription painkiller and smoking crack cocaine in his cruiser while on duty the night of June 20, 2007.

    The statement of facts detailed Servos' addiction problems, as known to city police, dating to 2005. According to the statement, Servos confided his drug dependency to superior officers three times, and each time sought counselling and treatment.

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  1. Mammon
    Truth is, if SWIM was a policeman that's what he'd be doing as well.
  2. Waffa
    but at least it was not marijuana so he will not be prosecuted
  3. RoboCodeine7610
    Over here (Saudi Arabia) the police just keep any drugs they find and sell them later.There's no control, at least over there they actually catch them
  4. Waffa

    Kind of reminds Pinocchio time in CNMI where border guard take away 3 kilos of coce from Chinese dealers & call later to Pinocchio friend & asked if he wanted to party because they have some "really good coce", they will later go and sale most of it in Guam.. ... or time when local government obtained government Grant from USA for some anti drug project called "give had to child" or something like that & they bought drugs whit this money and sale it FROM police car even in some arias of town :D

    ...dam this world is amazing place! :D
  5. cra$h
    haha. Nothing better than cops fucking up. It's ashame the video isn't working... Seeing a cop hit a crackpipe, then proceed on a fat line of oxy would make swim's day, and all his friends aswell.
  6. Milk man
    what a bunch of bullshit
  7. wednesday
    "to one count of possession of a controlled substance."
    OXY is fine but make sure to get that crack charge
  8. pilipuntos
    [ironic mode on]

    Of course everybody doing drugs are bad people and stupid, dumb workers. They are irresponsible people and they like all sort of crimes like murdering, thefts and so on. They should be all imprisoned for the good of mankind.

    Good people are in the parliament and city/justice halls.

    [/ironic mode off]
  9. ODB
  10. PsychoActivist
    Its funny to read this. SWIM heres people all the time say "Oh you know when cops bust people and take their drugs they use them". SWIM hears this so much it's like everyone thinks that every single cop that confiscates drugs is gonna go use them.

    SWIM honestly believes that this doesn't happen very much at all. Even in this case it may have happened but SWIM is leaning more towards the guess that this was the cops drugs - not some he confiscated.

    If a person is arrested, the drugs have to go into an evidence room so they can be used in court if necessary. Granted I guess occasionally some cops may pinch a little bit and of course there are times when cops will confiscate small amounts and let the person go. Then the drugs obviously don't have to remain in evidence.

    Overall SWIM knows that some cops use drugs and sometimes when they do, it is some they have confiscated, but SWIM really doesn't believe it happens that often. Too much risk in losing their career and plus if one is a drug user/addict why would they become a cop anyway? And SWIM knows what you're thinking, "It would be a great cover-up for a drug user". But when you think about it, if one is a drug user, they know how other drug users feel and have compassion for them. Then they would have to be out on the job busting people thinking to themselves, "man I know exactly how this guy feels. I don't wanna bust him". How fun would that be? I couldn't do it. It would be cool to have that cover-up but I couldn't go around busting people who weren't causing harm to anyone or anything just because of some recreational drug use. So, I'm pretty sure most people who become cops cannot have that much compassion for drug users and therefore are not drug users themselves.
  11. doggy_hat
    Most cops seem to SWIM, to be power hungry. Less concerned about helping people and more concerned about having power. Not all cops are like that. But some people are completely selfish, and would have no problem seeing someone rot in jail while they do the same thing that they arrested somebody for. And for that type of person, walking around with a gun and the right to push people around, search them, verbally abuse them, and put them in a cage would probably be appealing. With the exception of his DARE instructor, he's never met a police officer that seems to be the type that wants to help people. In All of SWIM's experiences, the cop was either screaming and cussing at him, threating to beat him, and accusing him of random crimes, or was just going through the motions and doing his job.

    Also with minor possesions(like say a gram of weed), it's probably not even worth all the effort and paperwork to bust the victim, and just confiscate and keep for themselves would be easier. Or even if a cop busted a dealer with 2 ounces of crack, he could easily keep a few grams for himself, and still see the dealer get just as harsh of a sentence.
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