Cops Crack Down on Hallucinogenic Toad Licking Trend

By ~lostgurl~ · Nov 29, 2007 · Updated Nov 29, 2007 · ·
  1. ~lostgurl~

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  1. trptamene
  2. ~lostgurl~
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    but there may have been some problems over the last day accessing media files as another member had some trouble with a different video. Both work fine for me. It could also be an IE or firefox setting that needs changing.
  3. stramonium
    That was the funniest news report i`ve seen in a long time:laugh:
    The guy in the pet store is like "we don`t sell them for that,we only sell them as pets",and you looked at the guy and thought "he`s definately had some toad".The only question i have on this laughable news report is isn`t bufo alvarius venom only active when smoked? The main active in the venom is 5-meo-dmt which is not orally active in man,i thought toad licking was for the cane toad and that it`s active alkaloids were like serotonin in effect.If i`m wrong then please correct me as i would love to know the facts.
  4. thrackelsby
    I think that that is the case. "toad-licking", is just what newspeople label it, because they don't care enough to properly research it. After all, it's a drug, and the only people who would ever use drugs are addicts with no useful contributions to society.

    I could be wrong though, i've never tried licking or smoking toad venom, so please, correct me.
  5. KBLSD
    hahahah i live right near lawrence, lawrence is a fucking killer town
  6. entheogensmurf
    Without a MAOI you are not going to get high from licking them.
    You gently massage/squeeze the glands to excrete the venom. Allow the goo to dry and then you smoke it.

    The ignorance from the newscasters and public is rather silly and disheartening.

    One needs to fully understand what a MAOI does. There are multiple ways to cause serious health problems or even death from a lack of research.

    If you check the Ayahuasca section here there should be something on this. I posted again as taking a MAOI is not a joke by any means and there are MANY things once must be weary of and/or abstain from. However, it's fairly safe *IF* you know your shit.
  7. Orchid_Suspiria
    Don't forget the ignorance of the piggies aswell.
  8. snapper
    Bufo alvarius do make good pets. Very personable and hardy toad.
    As for the venom, there are plenty of other sources without having to milk and potentially damage the parotid glands. It is difficult to get them to fire off venom willingly in captivity because they become tame very fast.
  9. entheogensmurf
    Many a year ago... there was a time that I ASSUMED our police forces had accurate and unbiased training/classes. I've seen enough real examples to know how flawed my assumption was. While I have real life experiences of this; all you need to do is listen to Barry Cooper from Never Get Busted Again to learn the evils of the policeside.

    If anyone asked me, I would refer them to plant life to obtain DMT sources.
  10. Orchid_Suspiria
    Well they aren't trained to be unbiased this is the key.They are trained to believe and do whatever they are told without question.Swim almost feels sorry for these sad,brainwashed little robots that think a gun and a badge makes them above the rest of society.
  11. Purest
    I for one just think about Family Guy whenever I read about toad licking.

    Toad licking is also referred to as "Doing Toad" "Lillypadding" "Frenching The Prince" and "Doing Kermit"

    Speaking of which, the "Give Up The Toad" song that appears in that episode ("Lets go to the hop", for those of you that are interested) is a brilliant example of how crazy propoganda can get, as Peter comes out with all sorts of lies about the effects of doing toad including that a mans penis will fall off.
  12. snapper
    Lando Griffin to the rescue
  13. Police Officer
    Yes, dont forget our ignorance. We dont do any research at all. We mainly rely on the media and episodes of Family Guy for information. :confused:

    Not that it necissarily matters, but some ***** gave me negative feedback for this post^.

    "Thanks for adding nothing...if you have different information post it."

    Sorry guys, I cant joke with ya'll anymore.
  14. grandbaby
    Well, before you came here, you thought all drug users were junkies and addicts, lowlifes and scum that would be hard pressed to string a sentence together. Seems some education might have been in order — and I'm glad it worked...

    ... and while your point is taken about sweeping generalizations, you can't try to tell us that you & others on the force are up on the proper ingestion methods for bufo-derived 5-MeO-DMT. (C'mon, man, admit it -- until this thread cropped up you thought licking them was the way it was done. Shhh... me too.)
  15. dr ACE
    if somebody who was on an MAOI type anti-depressant happened to lick the venomon of one of these Bufo alvarius toads then they would get the effects of the 5meo-dmt.this could be one possible explantion as to how this myth came about in the first place
  16. Paracelsus
    ^^^ 5-MEO-DMT can be fatal with MAO inhibitors.

    By the way, there were no cops that 'cracked down' on toad licking. A party was raided for drugs. A guy was arrested for drugs. A toad was also found. The media made a big story out of it, as usual (the myth is around since more than a decade now).

    I'm sorry for the many toads who are purchased by idiot teens who are likely to mistreat/neglect them, or set them free to be run over by cars when they get bored of licking foul-tasting toad skin for no effect.
  17. stramonium
    If anything this irresponsible news report has highlighted an alternative drug use/method,even if the information was totally incorrect.Now experimental teens will be off to the local pet store to buy toad to lick and many a poor toad will suffer.How irresposible of the media,all just for sensationalism.
  18. entheogensmurf
    The only difference in my opinion now is that I understand why people become addicts and junkies. In general, they still are lowlifes and scum. However, most people are scum without drug use...

    I've been aware of how one doses with 5-MeO-DMT[SIZE=-1] since around 1999, a couple of years after TiHKAL was released. Or, I should say that the common method is listed as smoking. What I was not aware of immediately was IF there is an alt method that did in fact allow you to safely injest 5-MeO-DMT from our little green friends.[/SIZE]

    It takes a very few short moments to have some base facts on nearly anything nowadays with the Internet. It's better to acknowledge your ignorance and only comment on what you know. There is nothing wrong with explaining that you don't have an opinion until you learn more about something.
  19. Nacumen
    What? The Cops didn't crack down on the toad licking trend; the guy they did a routine bust on just happened to have a toad in his house. That's not even illegal. Presumably, he did have actual contraband in his house, however.
  20. Police Officer
    Well I did come here to understand why ya'll think like you do. This is also an EXCELLENT research source for me. Here's a tidbit-I'll probably get banned for saying this but I learned how psilocyn mushrooms are made because of the DF. So me visiting here, believe it or not, has made me a better Cop. Whoda thunk it? :confused:

    I was very suprised by the intelligent and well articulated conversation here. I was expecting more of a lowbrow crew. Thats not a dig, its just the truth. But then again, you still have people like this (see below).

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