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  1. Balzafire
    Yesterday marked two huge drug busts across the city, the first obtaining $10 million worth of heroin inside a duffle bag from two suspects in the Bronx. Andy Moscat, 28, and Francisco Ramirez, 41 were nabbed at the bust after a long undercover probe, and 40 pounds worth of heroin was found packed in bricks in the bag. Unfortunately, Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan said heroin busts are becoming all too common: "These big seizures are definitely more common now than they were. Even one kilo of heroin would have been a rare find five years ago."

    Meanwhile, on the Upper West Side federal agents uncovered a stash of cocaine and guns in a crackdown on "Mexican drug bandits" as part of " Operation Bombardier." Feds found five kilos of powder cocaine, one kilo of crack cocaine and 350 oxycodone pills at the apartment on 87th Street and West End Avenue, as well as guns, documents and cash. One local told the Post, "You can't live in paranoia about it. This stuff is just like terrorism. Normally it's a very safe neighborhood." A few days ago, two Bronx brothers were busted on drug and gun possession charges after cops found cocaine, marijuana and drug packing paraphernalia in their Bainbridge apartment.

    Brennan says many drug dealers are switching from cocaine to heroin because it's more profitable, and more people are turning to it because opiate-based prescription drugs are more expensive.

    By Jaya Saxena
    February 26, 2011


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