Cops grab drugs destined for rave party

By turkeyphant · Aug 2, 2006 · Updated Aug 3, 2006 · ·
  1. turkeyphant
    Ecstasy, LSD: SWAT team arrests two men, seizes weapons and cash in raid on SLC home

    I don't know about prices of ecstasy tablets in the US, but I'll bet it's nowhere near the value this moron Matthews claims the are worth. I calculate this to be almost $17 per pill - someone's getting ripped off at those prices.

    The article fails to provide reasoning behind their suspicion the drugs would be taken to the "rave" and fail to say anything suggesting that ecstasy or acid are bad and they should have been arrested.

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  1. radiometer
    SURE they did. :rolleyes:
  2. Universal Expat
    Swim has read in many news articles that in the US MDMA generally sells for 20-30 per pill... so by SWIMs math.. lets say 25x240=6000... which would be the middle of the road. SWIM has read it is much cheaper in Europe...
    (swim really hopes this post doesnt violate the no posting of prices rule.. as the information just given is commonly given in many news articles regarding extasy in the US. If it has violated said rule.. SWIM will edit and delete. Thanks Mods.)
  3. Alfa
    Prices in news articles are no problem, as you are not the author. You are the newshawk.
  4. Police Officer
    Being that they are scheduled, and illegal to possess, isnt that a given?
  5. Nagognog2
    "...pills, some laced with LSD,..."

    My goodness! Just what kind of elaborate testing kits do they have there in Jesustown? Most tests that one could do easily would have no ability to find such in a mixture like that. Something tells me that this is an example of a red herring being introduced into yellow journalism. But I'll bet the police chief will be re-elected.

    Next week: SLC police seize marijuana laced with barbituates from home of well-known baby-rapist and child eater! Photo pg.3...
  6. turkeyphant
    Sure, but all the described effects in the article fail to inform the casual reader why their tax dollars are being used to pay SWATeams to raid people's houses in order to rid them of this evil. Usually, shitty journalism cites dubious references regarding killer drugs.
  7. Universal Expat
    Ya know Nagognog... I was on the train today.. and that line bothered me for a while. How the hell do they lace Extacy tablets with LSD? I am not a chemist.. but from what I have read.. LSD is generally in a liquid form or a crystal form. The crystal for being extremely potent.. and the liquid form usually put onto blotter paper. Not to mention it is not one of the most stable compound in the world (unlike a nice stable powder like MDMA). So how the hell is this possible? Can anyone with more knowledge than myself explain.. or was this a BS statement from the newspaper.

    And a note about journalism from left field. 80% of the time when the newspaper reports a "pit bull" biting or killing someone.. it is not that breed at all. But they say it cause it sells newspapers.. and unfortunalty instills the notion that these honorable and loyal animals are dangerous. sorry WAY off topic
  8. tre2005be
    has and swiys ever tried a lsd laced E? swim aint ever even heard of them before...
  9. Nagognog2
    "Dog Bites Man" - doesn't sell newspapers. "Man Bites Dog" - sells newspapers.

    Mixing crystal LSD25 with MDMA and pressing this into pill form is a ridiculous proposition. I don't doubt that some inquisitor from the police in Jesustown told this to the media, but it's accuracy is highly dubious. Sounds more like some sort of paranoid fantasy being passed around, like the flu, in the back room of the police station. Next we'll see this scare being taught to 2nd graders in the Utah schools: "Hippy perverts against Jesus put the devil-drug LSD in the murder-drug XTC to addict you, kids! Save Jesus and JUST SAY NO!"

    By the by - I am a chemist, among other things.
  10. VincentVan
    I´m gonna divulge an insider secret that everyone knows but nobody remembers when reading an article by a professional jurnalist.
    All law enforcement agencies( specially those working with drug related cases) and even most police stations, have their own press offices whose duty is to feed journalists not only with the news they want to reach he public, but also with the references for their articles; references that often they either manufacture themselves or ask friendly "experts" to produce.
    In the specific all drug agencies (and in the US they are very very many) follow a precise policy and all their press releases and communiques are distributed with an eye to the main goals of this policy.
    Journalists, even the more honest kind, tend to be grateful for this kind of informations because it saves them a lot of work and (sometimes) it gives them access to the very sources the cops are relying upon.
    The poor hack who received the press release about the LSD laced ecstasy , could (maybe) have come out with a title like: "Police make implausible claims about drugs seazure", but his career would surely have suffered for it , and he had to ask himself if this is really the kind of issue for which he wants to risk his future and make some powerful ennemy for himself.
    Even important news agencies such as Reuters or ADN Kronos, are notoriously infiltrated with journalists who moonlight as informers or full time agents for all sorts of governement structures from the CIA and NSA to the DEA, FBI and down to the minor police agencies.
    In our time , control of the sources of information is a vital political and strategic weapon , which is why the major media groups are always the most sensitive objects of friendly or hostile buyouts and takeovers. Just look at how Berlusconi managed to transform his hold on the italian media into direct political power in his country; or how the Murdoch family (more discreetely) manages to influence the political events of a number of countries in which it has economic interests, Britain included.
    Beside all these factors there is the primary need of papers to be sold.
    Do you remember the recent hoax of the great pianist found in the sea in England, who had lost his memory ,could´nt speak , did´nt know his name or where he was coming from but communicated only through his impressing artistic talent?
    All Europe was enthralled by this story for weeks, the first pages of all major european papers reported daily on the on the unfortunate genius, until having sold enough copies they decided it was time to puncture the bubble they had created themselves.
    A good book on one journalistic hoax that lasted a good one hundred years is
    "The rise of the indian rope trick" by Peter Lamont (Abacus).
    When I started I used to be very enthusiastic about my choosen profession and its supposed mission; now , after decades in this environment, a number of books published, and a reputation to defend, I think that if I could have known what I know now about this business I would probably have chosen another job.
    Or maybe not.
    Anyway , when reading an article of every kind, remember that the one who wrote it was just doing his job, and that his job, probably more than most other jobs, calls for a number of compromises and little dirty secrets that few journalists feel confortable to dicuss with "the Public".


    "Please don´t tell my mother that I´m a journalist. She thinks that I play the piano in a brothel."
    (David Ogilvy. -"Blood, Brains & Beer"-)
  11. tre2005be
    when the article says laced with lsd, swim was under the impression that they meant that a drop of lsd was put onto the E. or is this a stupid idea? does lsd degrade quickly? swim knows lsa does but isnt sure about lsd.
  12. hh339
    LSD is quite sensitive to light, heat and air. An original batch of XTC pills "dripped" with liquid LSD would not be very potent after some time, but if they were laced with liquid just before selling them they would definitely do their job. Does not seem very likely that someone would do this, but it would sure be possible and not very strange. Many people would buy them so....
  13. Nagognog2
    But why?? Let's say that a tablet of MDMA costs 63 lupins on the open market of Greenbourg. Now a dose of LSD also costs 63 lupins in Greenbourg. You have a tablet to sell of MDMA in Greenbourg and everyone knows it should cost 63-ish lupins, but you want 126 lupins because "It's laced vit der azid, dood!" Your clientelle walks away figuring you have finally slipped your last cog.

    It's supply and demand. People who want to roll will get a roll. People who want a trip will get a trip. People who want a roll will tell you to put it where a proctologist will charge more than 63 lupins to look into if you jack up the price for the roll. Ditto for the ones who wish to take a trip. Not many Greenbourgians want to take LSD and MDMA at the same time. Very little market there.

    It makes no sense whatsoever. Red herring inserted in the media. Go look up 'red herring' in wikipedia or wherever. Pathetic.
  14. tre2005be
    fook me swim was only askin a question.
  15. Nagognog2
    I didn't mean your question was pathetic, tre2005be. I was infering the entire story was a pathetic and irresponsible plant by the Drug Crusaders. Not you.
  16. hh339
    Actually, people around here lie all the time just to have a reason to charge more for a pill. They do get their pills sold, and they do make a lot of cash. It's upsetting as hell, but that's just the way it is. People are not very bright around here. One dude sold bunk pills, SWIM reported this to his supplier who had just bought a large amount of pills from him. He made sure that the guy was set on fire. Ouch. Scamming is dangerous.
  17. tre2005be

    ah, my bad, sorry.
  18. podge
    but what if someone sold an xtc pill worth 20 lupins combined with and an lsd trip worth 20 lupins for 60 lupins ? and sold it as some magic greenbourg wonderdrug , as smaller amounts of both drug would combine to create a stronger experience most people wouldnt realise they are candyflipping and just presume they got a good batch of magic greenbourg wonderdrug. whether this happens very often swim is unsure but swim is certain its been done before and it will be done again as their is potential profit to be made by those very bold drug dealers.
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