Cops had a busy week.

By Trebor · Sep 3, 2006 · ·
  1. Trebor
    Seizure in Cork today five figures worth of resin, soapbar I'd bet.

    Seizure in Shannon airpport, not as much as above however. though still with five figures

    Seems the drought is only going to get worse.

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  1. dr ACE
    its seems the 'drought' which is not only in Ireland but all over u.k,is slowly turning the cannabis river into a desert!, sadly.cant see things changing in the very near future
  2. Trebor
    PWAU wouldn't beb having this problem if they grew their own green, so let this be a lesson, a cruel lesson, but a lesson.
  3. Cuberun
    damn porkers, they need to get their own cannabis and stop stealing from the suppliers.
  4. Trebor
    I read some where that forty percent of drugs that are seized go missing every year, now, no matter how bad the rat problom is in cop stations, it can't be that bad. SO the only other explanation I can think of is leprecuans.
  5. Sky Walker
    Yay! What great news (really), good job lads, good job. I really am greatful that there is something being done to stem the flow of the dreaded soapbar. Hell, I'd give these guys a genuine pat on the back. It was so close to being dead, people where really starting to see the light and wake up to the fact that this sorry excuse for hash is (sometimes) literally, shit. Desperate times do not always call for desperate measures, PLEASE, do not resuscitate, let it go, forget about it, throw your money no more to the dealers that push this miserable concoction of faeces and plastic.

    SOAP - IS - NOT - DOPE!
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