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Cops: Inmate Had Condom Stuffed With 30 Items Crammed Up His Anus

  1. Moving Pictures
    A Florida inmate is facing new criminal charges after a strip search turned up a remarkable array of items hidden inside a condom sticking out of his rectum.

    Neil Lansing, 34, was jailed Friday after being sentenced in Drug Court on a possession charge. It appears that Lansing stocked up on contraband in anticipation of serving his time, according to a Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office report.

    During a “routine search of inmates” Friday night, jailers “observed part of a condom sticking out of the defendant’s anus.” After the item was dislodged, deputies discovered it contained:

    * 17 round blue pills marked “54/199”
    * 1 cigarette
    * 6 matches
    * 1 flint
    * 1 empty syringe with eraser over needle
    * 1 lip balm container
    * 1 condom
    * 1 CVS receipt
    * 1 paper coupon

    Lansing, pictured in the above mug shot, was charged with illegally possessing drugs (the blue pills were Oxycodone) and tobacco inside a county jail.



  1. mickey_bee
    Receipts/Coupons, any long but thin strips of paper are really important in alot of prisons for writing messages on, often in code, in absolutely tiny writing - it's a skill that can take ages to learn and pens are sharpened in order to write smaller letters.
    It's basically so as much info as possible can be got onto one strip of paper.
    Once the paper has been fully written on, it is rolled up as tight as possible, normally with a few others, to make a tight little roll, which is then wrapped in cellophane etc, finally a condom, and then shoved up some guy's arse, whose job it is to protect the messages from getting into the wrong hands, and only into the right hands. - People regularly get killed over losing these things.

    They've got a special name, but I just can't remember what they're called.:mad:
  2. Der Alte Kreiger
  3. veritas.socal
    kites are one name for notes, often because of the way they are flown or thrown from lockup, in some places

    but i doubt thats what its for. i only ever sharpened a ballpoint ink pen, in order for the ink to flow better when making tattoo patterns. hella sharp pencil writes smallest. oh... someone said in the uk, pen is pencil.

    the ass is a foolproof spot(of course, not counting xrays or someone leaving a peice sticking out, or vaseline on their anus) to stash shit in the joint. and I saw someone knocked the fuck out for calling a dude queer for sticking 2 oz of herb(2 pkgs the size of a quarter roll, rock hard,)up his ass 20 min apart. its life, man
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