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Cops paid judge for search warrant

  1. chillinwill
    A crooked former Chicago cop testified Wednesday that he paid a judge in connection with a search warrant.

    Richard Doroniuk, who has pleaded guilty to robbing drug dealers, is a government witness at his former partner's trial in federal court. He faces more than 20 years in prison, but is hoping for a lesser sentence for his cooperation.

    Doroniuk testified he and partner Mahmoud "Mike" Shamah stole money and drugs from suspected dope dealers in 2005 and 2006 while they were tactical officers in the Morgan Park District.

    While discussing the search warrants that the officers obtained, Assistant U.S. Attorney Christina Egan asked Doroniuk if he ever gave money to a judge.

    "He asked for it," Doroniuk said, adding that he paid the judge. Doroniuk did not elaborate on why he paid the unnamed judge.

    Under questioning from Shamah's attorney, Anthony Pinelli, Doroniuk said a judge approved a search warrant even though the judge knew there really was no "John Doe" informant. Such informants are supposed to appear before judges to provide the basis for a search.

    The Cook County state's attorney's office recently tightened rules regarding the use of John Doe informants, sources said. The change came after a meeting with federal prosecutors.

    Doroniuk and Shamah popped onto the FBI's radar when an informant alleged the officers were planning ripoffs with drug dealer Larry "Peanut" Cross. Doroniuk said Cross gave him the names of dealers to rob.

    Doroniuk said he would plant drugs on people when searches turned up nothing because he and Shamah needed to arrest someone to satisfy their bosses. He said he bought those drugs -- which he called "insurance" -- from Cross.

    Doroniuk said he paid Cross for the drugs with cash he stole from people during searches and traffic stops.

    One suspicious cop allegedly tried to horn in on the stolen cash, asking Shamah to "throw something" his way like on the TV show "The Shield." Doroniuk and Shamah never let the officer know they stole anything so they would not have to share it, prosecutors have said.

    BY FRANK MAIN, Crime Reporter
    November 20, 2008
    Chicago Sun-Times


  1. Rightnow289
    I bet he will get a lower sentence cos he is an ex cop.
  2. old hippie 56
    But, what about the judge? We he fade away into oblivion, or remain unnamed?
  3. discjunkie313
    Swidj seriously doubts the judge will face charges..he can remember hearing about a judge getting busted with cocaine..4 years later this same judge who was now a defense attorney represented swidj on a dui charge,lol..swidj thinks its not what you know it's who ya know..like sccoter libby..takeing the fall for all that white corruption with the undercover CIA agent..was pardoned almost right after he was sentenced..cause he was a good buddy of old G.W Bush..but just goes to show you..that cops are just as crooked as the people they bust..but they dont start out that way IMHO..the majority anyway swidj would have to say..it's when the prosecutor who are the most crooked ppl on earth tell them what they must say on the report to make the charge stick.

    for instance swidj was arrested for dui..the cop that arrested swidj followed swidj into another district, because the police officer was out of his jurisdiction..the charges would have been dropped, the only way to make the charges stick, was to say the officer was in hot pusuit of swidj..the police officer claimed..he flipped his lights on and swidj..sat through an entire red light with the lights flashing, and proceeded into the next jurisdiction..this was total BS..but its an example of the the DA coachin the police. in the end, charges were dropped anyway cause the police could not come up with a tape of the stop..1 for the good guy,LOL..anyway swidj is glad that at least 1 cop got busted here for being corrupt..1 down 1,000,000 to go-DJ
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