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COP's uncover baked goods containing narcotics at west end business

  1. Docta
    Edmonton police said investigation by officers on the city’s west side, along with members of the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT), had resulted in the seizure of a number of different types of narcotics that were being packaged and sold from a business in the area. Police said between July and September 11, 2014, officers had carried out a drug investigation after suspicious activity was reported at a west end business in the area of 109 Avenue and 166 A Street.

    The investigation included covert surveillance, and led to a search warrant on the business, in addition to a search of a home in the area of 165 Street and 107 Avenue.

    During the searches, officers seized individually-packaged drugs meant for re-sale, along with various baked goods and sweets that were allegedly infused with narcotics.

    A total of $56,361 in cash was also seized, and the estimated street value of seized drugs is about $308,277.
    Mitchell Scott Ennis, 47, is facing a number of charges including seven counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking, unauthorized possession of a prohibited or restricted weapon, possession of stolen property under $5,000.

    Police said other individuals had been identified in connection to the search, and they may face additional charges as the investigation continues.

    Julia Parrish, CTV Edmonton
    Published Wednesday, September 17
    © 2014 Bell Media


  1. Docta
    Not condoning drug trafficking but how good does that rice crispy square look?
  2. babalooj
    I wish the article was more specific. What the hell are "narcotics"? To me, narcotics are opioids, but i know lots define a narcotic as just about any drug. I hope it's not cannabis they're referring to
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