Cork vigilantes vow to kill drug dealers

By Abrad · Sep 17, 2009 · ·
  1. Abrad
    Cork vigilantes vow to kill drug dealers

    By Sean O’Riordan

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    VIGILANTES have threatened to kill anyone who continues to deal drugs on the southside of Cork city.

    A number of men wearing dark clothing visited pubs last weekend and distributed leaflets warning of lethal consequences for drug dealers.

    Up to half-a-dozen men, linked to the dissident republican group, the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, distributed the leaflets in pubs in Passage West and Rochestown and the city suburbs of Ballyphehane and Togher last Friday.

    In a chilling warning, the group said it had drawn up a "new list of drug dealers" and would kill those who continued to deal drugs.

    "There will be no more individual warnings or knocks on the door. This is your warning and if you continue to deal drugs then you will be held accountable for your actions by lethal force," the leaflet said.

    The matter was discussed at a joint policing meeting of Passage West Town Council on Monday, which was attended by gardaí.

    A senior garda source said: "The matter is currently under investigation. We are taking this seriously."

    Cllr Seamus McGrath, a member of Cork County Council and Passage West Town Council, said he regarded it as a very serious development.

    "Drug dealers should be vigorously pursued, but this should be left to the gardaí and not carried out by vigilantes. I would urge people to assist the gardaí in this matter and not to take the law into their own hands."

    Senator Jerry Buttimer echoed those sentiments and added that emotions were running high because of the recent number of heroin deaths in the city.

    "Those who are aware of drugs dealers have a duty to report such matters to the gardaí. There should be no tolerance for vigilantism."

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  1. salviablue
    Fucking hell! I wonder what constitutes as a drug dealer in the eyes of these SA/KKK/(insert other blockheaded faction extremists here)-ites?
    Pharmacies beware!
  2. chillinwill
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  3. MrG
    Cork Vigilantism - Brought to you buy the proud supporters of the Irish Brewing Industry.

    It's a capitalist response to a free market. Eliminate the competition.
  4. thebige
    Vigilantism is a worse crime than drug dealing..................oh well so it goes on and on.............................bige
  5. Nature Boy
    This is like something out of a Charles Bronson film. SWIM lives in Cork and this story has been making the rounds through word of mouth but I'm not actually sure if anyone's taking it seriously. Six middle-aged unemployed and out-of-shape losers threatening to take down everyone from knackers to Nigerians. It doesn't sound very legitimate. To be honest, I've never even heard of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement. There does seem to be a lack of gear in the town right now though. This might be down to recent Garda seizures rather than threatening vigilantes however.
  6. Abrad
    I suspect this has more to do with the shortage that originated in Dublin spreading to other parts of the country than any dissident activities.
  7. akack2
    The Reals (32 CSM) are flexing the muscles,theyre stronger in Donegal/Derry and have been very busy up there,plenty of kneecappings and a few lads shot dead.

    The out of shape lads drop the leaflets,the harder lads do the dirty work.

    I still wouldnt take too much notice,youd get a warning first anyway lol.
  8. dyingtomorrow
    That's just disgusting and disturbing. That's just as much "terrorism" as those abortion clinic murderers, or the Taliban.

    On a related note, it really bothers me to see all these movies which glorify cops, or criminals, who go around "behind the law" and kill people they think deserve to die out of a psychotic sense of morality. The stereotypical "cop who is fed up with all the drug dealers walking free" or Boondock Saints type vigilante bullshit.

    I'm not saying it should be censored by any means, I just find it extremely depressing to see how much your stereotypical angry-at-everything-but-can't-define-specifically-what-he's-angry-at average Joe Six-Pack seems to eat crap like this up; both in the news and in the movies.
  9. Abrad
    Make no mistake, this is likely no more than a turf war. Vigilantes my hole...
  10. Nature Boy
    I'm just sorry Boondock Saints was ever made full stop. Terrible, terrible film.
  11. RoboCodeine7610
    They're taking the matter seriously? I bet the police department will do their best NOT to get these people since, even though they're doing something illegal, are actually helping the police department (not supporting them, just putting myself in their position).

    Still, I'm sure they'll still have to do some kind of investigation...
  12. akack2
    Previous IRA groups have killed police,they hate each other the cops would love to catch them and they dont have to try too hard seeing as IRA members are tried in non-jury courts and a police mans opinions can be used as evidence.
  13. Nature Boy
    Police, like all government institutions, are all about quotas. They don't care about actually reducing drug supply because they know it's impossible to eliminate all drug use. They care about how many busts they make. If there are less drug dealers active, that leaves less busts for them which makes them look bad and means they get less funding. It's an unworkable, abusive system and one of the main problems with the war on drugs worldwide.
  14. dyingtomorrow
    Wow I'm glad to hear someone say that ... SWIM hears sooooo many people who think it's one of the coolest movies ever. SWIM thought the glorification of murdering people who don't conform with your value system was totally fucked, as well as the general plot and what have you.
  15. Coconut
    Another day in the free market.
  16. SullyGuy
    :confused: Killing drug dealers bar none?! What about all the non-violent drug dealers? What about people who just sell weed? Guy's are outta their heads...

    Swim will echo that opinion :laugh:

    It wasn't terrible as an action flick (for truly terrible, see "Crank" or even worse "Crank 2") and the two main characters had some funny "brother" moments. But it certainly from an intellectual point of view it was never meant to be a solid movie... The second one is coming out this year Swim thinks.
  17. anonuser30500
    The IRA also backed their own vigilanti group that assasinated quite a few dealers a few years back.

    This Real IRA is simply trying to garner support in a community that might back anyone who stops someone getting the local kids addicted to heroin or crack and so on.

    Vigilantism is the term given to any proactive action outside the remit of the law.

    Bear in mind it is sometimes a genuine reaction to the police not being able to tackle whatever needs tackling.

    Anyone dealing the gear in Swims pond knows that getting killed is all part of the scene. Usually its other dealers or your mates killing you. In Ireland, things are just more different as I'm sure more than a few dealers realise just as they see the flash of some gun and find their lights go out.

    Swim has no truck with any heroin users, or users who have dealt a little (as most do)

    People who sell heroin for the profit and cashback, for the 'easy life' ought to not be surprised that someone wishes them dead. I would not grieve much myself for any in Swims pond. Many would cheer, because they really are bad people.

    As Omar the gay black gangster on the US TV show 'The Wire' used to say, "It's all in the game yo!"
  18. Abrad
  19. salviablue
    OK, that link to article just confused it for me!
    So who are the thugs, the tcrg or the 32csm?
    Unless I read it wrong, the 32csm seem to have the support of the people, well, at least those that responded to that article.
    I thought the 32csm were dealing the threats, or is it just, as someone prior mentioned, a turf war with them both being factions?
    Brain hurts, not enough mental or physical resources to look into properly atm.
    Besides, Bond will starting again soon!
  20. Nature Boy
    Let it be known that these people are probably idiots. In Ireland, there are always going to be radical nationalistic sentiments. Some stupid kid, or sadly, some stupid adult who doesn't understand the pathetic nature of these terrorist organisations. It's a sort of nasty clash between patriotism and immaturity. Just one of those biases that society has a hard time getting rid of. I would liken it to racism in a sense because Ireland, due to location and its lack of any colonial history, doesn't actually have any traditional racial divides (apart from the travelling community which is a different story I'm not going to get into now) compared to other European countries so people focus on the next obvious source of conflict on the list i.e. religion and national identity. It's so sad. SWIM is shocked to see news reports of Jews and Palestinians blowing each other to shit on the Gaza Strip and then realises that a similar vein of hatred is active in the hearts and minds of many neighbours around him. Human nature I guess.
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