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By misskatie · Jan 28, 2012 ·
  1. misskatie
    I, sadly, am limited to mobile internet.

    For any American readers that means I access the internet through my cell phone (we call it a mobile lol)

    Now, there are many drawbacks to this. Loading times and signal quality being not so great, Going over my data allowance being pretty expensive and so on.

    But the biggest annoyance, the one that really, REALLY gets me is Androids auto spelling correct tool.

    For anyone who doesn't know what this is, basically, its like an evolution of predictive text. In predictive text you type with the number keys and the software predicts what word you mean based on the letters assigned to each number key. Predictive text works. Sort of.

    With Androids touch screen setup though, you have a keyboard with all the letters of the alphabet rather than 2 or 3 letters assigned to each key.

    What android does is it lets you type fluidly as if using a real keyboard but, like with predictive text, as you are typing it is also trying to predict the words for you, trying to correct your sloppy typing ect.

    It checks the word as you type and offers a selection of words that may be right, just above the keyboard.

    The word selection is then made by the spacebar, which incidently is what you press anyway after every word. It seems to highlight what IT thinks is the most suitable word by default, based on god knows what and believe me, hilarity often ensues.

    Regardless of what you WANT to(and at this point already did) type, the software will pick AFTERWARDS the word it thinks is best. Because obviously YOU have made the mistake.

    If it doesnt know the word you are typing (a name for example) it may change it for something it does know..

    ..Something similar enough in spelling that you would overlook, but obviously makes no sense.

    This is rather annoying.

    For example, when I type 'bizarre'
    The phones first choice is often 'blizzard'

    So the result is that as you are fluidly typing along, the phone is making all sorts of changes to your text.

    The phone is having an AMAZING time making you look like an idiot!

    And its oh so easy to miss the phones sneaky antics.
    It's very easy to trust the phone because occasionally it does do some good..

    Occasionally it picks up something you missed! and is actually on your side!

    But the phone isnt really your friend, oh no! It wants you to believe in it, but the moment you do it will be changing your 'occasions' into 'occupancies', your 'septums' into 'setups', it will be confusing your friends into thinking you are dyslexic and creating all kinds of frustrations in your internet/texting activities.

    Many a time I have looked over something I've written to find the phones handiwork marring my original effort. The phones own contribution to my musings as it chuckles quietly to itself..

    It is my arch enemy. But sadly its all I have.

    Without it I am trapped. Unable to connect with the world around me. So I reluctantly allow its little mischiefs because without it I am lost.

    That said, actually, i could just turn it off..

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