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  1. drug-bot
    Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

    from Drug War Chronicle, Issue #557, 10/24/08
    Cops dealing drugs, cops stealing money. More of the same old same old. Let's get to it:
    In Memphis, a Bolivar police officer was indicted by a federal grand jury last Friday on drug dealing charges. Officer William Patrick Jordan is accused of buying powerful pain-relieving drugs from undercover informants and selling them to "young girls at the Sonic Drive-In in Bolivar."

    In Knoxville, Tennessee, a former drug task force officer was sentenced October 16 to nine months in jail and three years probation for stealing money from drug suspects and from the drug task force to which he was assigned. Former Sevier County deputy sheriff Mark Victor Shults had earlier pleaded guilty to three counts of theft over $1,000. Authorities said Shults became addicted to the drugs he was seizing and stole money to feed his habit.

    In Boston, a former Swampscott police officer was sentenced October 14 to six months of home confinement and two years probation for dealing dope. Former officer Thomas Wrenn pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine and Oxycontin in June after being arrested in March during a police sting while trying to buy drugs. He resigned after his arrest.

    In Atlanta, a former DEA agent was sentenced September 18 to 21 months in prison for failing to report cash income in 2004. (Sorry, we missed this when it happened.) Gregory Campion, 48, served as an
    assistant supervisor at a DEA task force office in Atlanta, where he had access to millions of dollars in cash seized from suspected drug dealers. In 2004, Campion deposited more than $200,000 in cash in his bank accounts -- at the same time that seizures conducted during his tenure came up "short" when deposited in banks. He didn't report his income on his tax return, and that's why he is headed for prison

    their new credo should be Serve, Protect, Steal and Deal

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  1. old hippie 56
    The last one caught swim attention, deposited $200,000 in a bank account. What a dumbass. Any transaction over 10K is reported to the IRS.
    Apparently, the DEA must scoop the bottom of the barrel looking for recruits.
  2. dyingtomorrow
    Look on the bright side:

    Better resold than destroyed right?
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