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Corruption Probe Targets Colombian Anti-Drug Agency

By buseman, Nov 4, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    BOGOTA – The Colombian government agency that manages assets seized from drug traffickers was raided Tuesday after “hundreds of irregularities” were detected, Justice Minister German Vargas Lleras said.

    Police and agents from the Inspector General’s Office and the Controller General’s Office occupied the DNE’s main headquarters in Bogota.

    The raid came in response to “multiple and serious anomalies” at the DNE, Vargas Lleras said, mentioning the “falsification of the figures of the real value of the assets that were going to be auctioned.”

    The government discovered that many drug traffickers or their front men were enjoying the use of their assets or properties despite the fact that they had been seized by the authorities.

    Vargas Lleras invited all DNE personnel to cooperate in the investigation so that the country can clarify the load of anomalies and complaints that have been speculated about” in recent months.

    In addition, he announced that about 100 DNE officials whose employment contracts expired last Friday would not have those contracts renewed.

    The DNE is an advisory, coordinating and enforcing entity within the government focused on controlling and reducing the production, trafficking and consumption of illegal drugs.

    It is the official entity that acts in the process of confiscating assets derived from drug trafficking activities and associated crimes, including securities laundering, and the agency charged with the administration of those assets.

    2 Nov, 2010


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