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Costa Rica Busts Gang Linked to Mexican Drug Cartel

By buseman, Jun 17, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    SAN JOSE – Costa Rican police on Wednesday broke up a gang linked to a powerful Mexican drug cartel, arresting 14 people, President Laura Chinchilla said.

    We’re not going to let Costa Rica be turned into a refuge for drug traffickers who are being rounded up in their countries, the president told a press conference in San Jose, where she was joined by Deputy Security Minister Jorge Chavarria and the country’s drug czar, Mauricio Boraschi.

    The band was made up of four Mexican leaders and 10 Costa Rican collaborators who handled the logistical duties and the movement of the drugs, Boraschi said.

    He said the organization received South American cocaine at points along Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, near the border with Panama, and later sent the consignments on to Guatemala and Mexico.

    Boraschi described the band as a nodule of La Familia Michoacana, a Mexico-based and very violent organization that has a presence throughout Central America and parts of the United States.

    In the operation on Wednesday, authorities only managed to seize 9 kilos of cocaine, a kilo of heroin and $40,000 in cash, but earlier phases of the probe had led to larger seizures.

    On February 11, police seized $250,000 in cash from a Mexican woman intercepted at the Juan Santamaria international airport on the outskirts of San Jose.

    The next day, authorities seized 969 kilos of cocaine in the Pacific coastal town of Miramar and captured two Mexicans.

    Wednesday June 16,2010


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