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Costa Rican Authorities Seize 3 Tons of Cocaine

By buseman, May 30, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    SAN JOSE – Costa Rican authorities seized approximately 3 tons of cocaine being transported by truck, but no arrests were made, in what appeared to be one of the biggest drug busts in recent years.

    A spokesperson for the Judicial Investigation Agency, or OIJ, said that the seizure took place Friday thanks to a confidential tip that alerted the agency’s drug unit to the presence of two trucks carrying drugs parked on a vacant lot.

    The find took place on a property in the town of Santo Domingo in Heredia province, some 15 kilometers (9 miles) north of San Jose, but the authorities did not arrest any suspects.

    Authorities are investigating the case to try and find the owners of the shipment and of the two trucks, while it has been ruled out that the owner of the vacant lot had anything to do with to it, since he rented the property to unidentified persons.

    The officials are weighing the drug packages to confirm the amount seized, and if it is confirmed that there are 3 tons, it will be the second biggest drug bust in recent years, surpassed only by the 6 tons found in a homemade submarine that was sailing in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Costa Rica in September 2008.

    Drug trafficking has become a headache for Costa Rican authorities, because the presence of organizations allied to the big Mexican and Colombian drug cartels has increased in the country, according to official reports.

    Costa Rica has gone from being a country for drug transit to a country that is a drug warehouse, where some organizations are operating in collaboration with the big drug cartels, Security Minister Janina Del Vecchio said this week.

    According to official records, since May 2006, when the current government took office, until now, some 97.2 tons of cocaine and $17.4 million have been seized from drug trafficking gangs.

    May 29,2010



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