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Council targets multiple consumption and psychoactive substances

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Drug-taking is showing signs of levelling out, with a reduction in both intravenous use and the transmission of HIV between consumers. But new phenomena are becoming more prevalent, such as the increase to 5% in drug-related mortality in 2008, which is being partly attributed to the increasing prevalence of cocaine in Europe, the EU Council of Ministers noted, on 31 January in Brussels.

    The increase in cocaine use and the attributed deaths, as well as the emergence of more sophisticated forms of production (such as the drug's extraction from other products) and distribution “make it even more essential to find a response that is coordinated at EU level,” member states declared in their conclusions.

    They point to “multiple consumption” particularly at parties where young people have access to illicit drugs and also to legal euphoriants that are often combined with alcohol, with the resulting risk of increased violence, road accidents and harmful effects on health in the long term. Member states have thus begun closer collaboration within the framework of the EU's anti-drug strategy, which is intended to reduce both supply and demand, and have pledged to "redouble efforts” to implement the EU drugs action plan (2009-2012). In addition, measures will be taken to combat multiple consumption at parties from the perspectives of public health and road safety.

    The Commission, for its part, will evaluate the effectiveness of the EU's anti-drug strategy (2005-2012) and the drugs action plan, as well as considering the implementation of Decision 2005/387/JAI on the exchange of information between member states and controlling new psychoactive substances “to analyse the means available to combat these more effectively".

    By Nathalie Vandystadt
    Wednesday 02 February 2011



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