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  1. 5-HT2A
    Milwaukee-- Milwaukee County has reported it's first 'designer drug' death. The medical examiner's office released the findings Wednesday following the results of toxicology tests. According to the report, 23-year-old Douglas John Peters died from a combination of synthetic Methoxetamine and alcohol.

    Back in May of 2012 he attended a house party on North Holt Avenue and died in the attic of that home.

    "That took me by surprise," explained the Victim's Mother Kathleen Peters. 'I know he did not know. He was coerced in someway or he did exactly not know."

    Peters, who lives in Green Bay, told CBS 58 News in a telephone interview that her son moved to Milwaukee for a new start. She describes 'Dee Jay' as a self taught guitarist and pianist who was interested in a career in entertainment. He aspired to attend The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to study liberal arts.

    Methoxetamine is an uncontrolled substance but similar to Ketamine, which is used to sedate patients in hospitals, and PCP. Dr. Mark Kostic, with the Medical College of Wisconsin, said the effects of the synthetic drug are hallucinations and euphoria but more seriously could lead to respiratory and cardiac depression, and/or death.

    "The fact that we've had a death here now just puts us in the same category as most of the other states it doesn't mean we're in for a bad epidemic," he said.

    According to the medical examiner's report the late Peters was receiving housing assistance from Pathfinders, a local agency that works with at-risk and vulnerable youth. Senior Vice President of Projects, Julie Bock, said sometimes young people will use these drugs to numb themselves. "[They] are often feeling a lot of pain and they feel like they need to get that pain to go away," she said.

    As for Kathleen Peters, she wants to make sure her son's death is not in vain and that this will keep others from going through her pain. "Do studies on street drugs and stay away from them because the hurt is, is terrible."

    CBS 58 Milwaukee
    9th January 2013


  1. Alfa
    I wonder if the coroner has indeed found the combination of alcohol and methoxetamine to be the cause of a certain physical failure or if this combination has been implicated in the death.

    Dr Kostic states that methoxetamine can cause respiratory and cardiac depression, but it is not clear from the article if respiratory and cardiac depression due to excessive methoxetamine and alcohol consumption is indeed the cause of death or if this information is unrelated.
  2. trdofbeingtrd
    So are you thinking this could be another "miami zombie" incident where something is blamed without it actually be a proven thing?
  3. Alfa
    It seems to me that at the very least methoxetamine is implicated. i.e. found in the body. So its not a wild zombie story. But there is a difference between methoxetamine with alcohol being the cause of death and methoxetamine with alcohol found in the persons body. Especially if any other factors played a role.

    In other words: the combination of methoxetamine with alcohol alone may or may not be a lethal combination in certain doses.
  4. SpatialReason
    From my own time playing with this very same fire, the effects in moderation were fine, but if you pushed your luck with hard liquor and higher MXE doses (which is an infamous redosing drug), you can see rapid declines in breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. From my own measurements, I noticed lower but not-so-deadly levels, but I would never go overboard if I could help it.

    I see this guy having messed up by eyeballing and redosing, drinking per the normal house party actions, and then getting stuck in the attic because he was too messed up to get down. If you add in the fact that the city of Milwaukee is cold, the drug slows your vitals down, and the fact that a dissociated person is likely not ascending or descending a ladder easily to get out of the cold attic, he might have died from the cold simply from blacking out. Compounding the effects with the cold, he didn't have a chance.

    I have partied in an attic before in the cold recently, and I can tell you that our heater made things easier to deal with, but when under the influence, I found it very scary to climb the ladder just to go properly warm up and use the bathroom.

    I look at it from the now deceased's potential perspective. He sadly fell asleep I would believe in a cold attic on drugs because it was rather difficult to get down. I can see this being possible even with myself.

    Anyone agree with the cold attic theory? Many binge drinkers die in cold places this same way: depressant+cold+stuck+black out = certain death
  5. TheBigBadWolf
    When you get slain from a ton of hashish falling onto you, you'll be noted the next day in the press as a "victim of the murder-drug Marhuana".

    They faster cite Anslinger than they'd be getting their arses off the desk and write a well researched report.

    No press report involving Substances names is worth the paper it's printed on without a toxicology report. Period.
    This will stay until lies / half-truth gets banned in newspapers by law. After this point we will be buying empty sheets.

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