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Couple arrested for shipping bath salts from Texas through mail

  1. stryder09
    Bloomington, Ind.

    A Bloomington, Ind. couple was arrested Monday, after police said they purchased and shipped 13 grams of illegal bath salts to themselves from Texas.

    Chastin Davis, 26, and Andrew Davis, 30, were preliminarily charged with possession of a synthetic drug, a Class D felony.

    Police said the investigation into the couple began on July 10, after a postal inspector told Bloomington authorities that the couple was receiving several packages from a person in Texas, who was identified as someone who sells bath salts.

    The couple is accused of shipping the synthetic drugs in 13 packages, containing 1 gram of the substance in each package. Police said bath salts were individually packaged in foil packs labeled “White Angel Stain Removal.”

    After obtaining a federal search warrant, the postal inspector searched the packages for illegal substances and authorities said they tested positive for bath salts.

    Police then set up a controlled delivery of one of the packages. They said Chastin Davis arrived to the post office and was taken into police custody. Police said she told them it was a cleaning product that she added to her laundry, but later admitted to ingesting the substance to get high.

    Authorities also detained Andrew Davis, who reportedly said he thought the product was legal and used it for laundry. Police said he later admitted he and his wife inhaled the bath salts.

    The couple was released from the Monroe County Jail Monday evening after posting bond.



    If you're shipping things through mail, be very careful...


  1. source
    Hmm interesting article but seriously, the guy at the sorting office knew that the packages were from someone selling bath salts?? Are the media aware of how many packages actually go through the postal system...?? Added to that, I am pretty sure that the US postal service does not have the time to read all the return addresses on packets just to see who posted them.

    Chances are the couple were being very stupid and having shitloads of stuff sent to them, but even then I know quite a few people that receive several packets a day because they buy and sell shit on ebay to make a profit.. whats the postal service going to do? Arrest those eBuyers as well?
  2. bosshallucy
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