Couple Cited in Bizarre Fake Penis Case

By Nagognog2 · Feb 26, 2006 · ·
  1. Nagognog2
    PITTSBURGH --A woman who claimed she was trying to cheat on a drug test was behind a bizarre incident in which a frightened convenience store clerk thought she had microwaved a severed penis, police said.

    The clerk at the store outside Pittsburgh actually microwaved a prosthetic device used to cheat on drug tests, police said Friday.

    The incident unfolded late Thursday afternoon when a man and a woman entered the store and the man asked the clerk, "Can you microwave something for me? It's a life-or-death situation," according to an account the woman later gave police.

    The man asked for paper towels, wrapped an object in them, and had the clerk microwave the item for 20 seconds, said McKeesport police Chief Joseph Pero.

    When it was finished, the clerk handed the item back to the man and saw what she thought was a severed penis, Pero said.

    After news reports Friday, a woman called police to say she was with the man in the store and gave her account of what happened, Pero said.

    The woman told police she was applying for a job and was required to take a drug test. She said the man had filled the device with his urine, which she planned to submit for the test, Pero said.

    According to the woman, the couple stopped to warm the device in the microwave so the urine would "pass the body temperature test," Pero said -- that is, be warm enough to not arouse the suspicion of those administering the test.

    Pero said police weren't sure why the woman was storing the urine in a device mimicking male genitalia.

    The woman wasn't applying for a job at the convenience store, but Pero said he didn't know anything else about the job.

    The chief said the woman planned to come to the police station for an interview. Police Friday night said they had no new information and said the chief would have to answer any further questions on Monday.

    Pero wouldn't release the names of the man or woman. Charges, including harassment and disorderly conduct, were possible, he said.

    The clerk at the Giant Eagle Get Go! is "still visibly shaking," Pero said.

    Giant Eagle, which owns the convenience store, said the microwave will be discarded.

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  1. sands of time
    Ummmm disturbing...
  2. Pinkavvy
    WTF? How stupid!
  3. Woodman
    Certainly "unusual"!
  4. Sitbcknchill
    "The clerk at the Giant Eagle Get Go! is "still visibly shaking," Pero said."

    Gimme a fucking break 'visibly shaking'.....WTF ever.....the clerk needs to be slapped with the severed cock.....
  5. Solidly-here
  6. Muirner
    does anyone remember that kid who was here a while ago, who's mom found his wizzinator in his sisters closet, and she thought it was a dildo.... that sucks too

  7. Sklander
    Must be in a rush to have a store microwave some piss. Stupidity prevails.
  8. sands of time
    Haha, yea I remember that. I think he put it in his siters closet though and the parents thought it was hers. They were very religious and uptight, so she got in trouble lol. I bet what really happened was his parents caught it with him, but he changed the story out of embarrassment. Maybe it wasnt even a wizzinator...
  9. pabel_giboon
    However, It could be good advice to buy a chemical heat pad to warm up the urine wherever you want without rising suspiciousness.
  10. bman1
    Couple Cited in Bizarre Fake Penis Case

    PITTSBURGH - A man and woman were cited Friday in connection with a bizarre incident that resulted in a fake penis being microwaved at a convenience store last week.

    Leslye Creighton, 41, of Wilkinsburg, and Vincent Bostic, 31, of Pittsburgh, were both cited for criminal mischief and disorderly conduct in the Feb. 23 incident at the Get Go! gasoline and convenience store in McKeesport, about 10 miles east of Pittsburgh.

    Each charge carries a possible sentence of up to 90 days in jail and up to a $300 fine.

    Bostic had filled a fake penis with his urine that Creighton, a friend, planned to use to pass a drug test she was taking to get a job, Police Chief Joseph Pero said.

    Creighton asked a store clerk to microwave the device so the urine inside would be body-temperature and fool those giving the drug test, Pero said.

    Police still aren't sure why or how Creighton chose to use a device that mimics the male sex organ to pass her drug test.

    Creighton didn't immediately return a call to her home on Friday.

    Defense attorney William Difenderfer didn't dispute the police account, but said there's no proof his clients had any criminal intent to damage the microwave _ the basis for the criminal mischief charge.

    "I certainly understand the ramifications and I'm certainly not saying it wasn't a stupid thing to do," Difenderfer said. "But there's a lot of bizarre stuff that we don't always have a remedy for in the crimes code."

    Difenderfer said his clients want to settle the case, in part, by reimbursing the store for a new microwave oven.

    Pero said the store got rid of the old oven because it couldn't be used for food once bodily fluids were cooked inside it.

    Neither Difenderfer nor Pero know what kind of job the woman applied for, or whether she was hired.
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