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Couple distracts pharmacists then steals drugs

By Balzafire · Aug 13, 2010 · ·
  1. Balzafire
    LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - LMPD needs your help to catch two people involved in a sophisticated theft ring. Investigators have noticed a pattern when it comes to this string of narcotics robberies.

    It usually begins with two people - a man and a woman - entering a Rite Aide drug store, almost always on a Sunday morning. From there the theft begins.

    Surveillance video from the stores show the pair in action. It starts when the woman distracts the pharmacy worker by pulling up to drive-thru window in a black SUV asking questions.

    Inside the store, the man then jumps the counter and saunters around the pharmacy, pick-pocketing pain killers.

    Police don't know if he or the woman uses them or sales them on the street. The two text each other before meeting up outside the store.

    "She pulls around to the side of the building and you'll see him come out to the vehicle and her get out of the driver's side and get into the passenger's side and he gets in the driver's side," said LMPD Prescription Drug Unit Sgt. John McGuire.

    Workers usually don't notice the crime until they go to distribute the pills to people who need them the most.

    The duo has been successful in their greedy game at least three times this summer, and police are going after them, alerting pharmacies and you.

    By Matt McCutcheon
    Aug 12, 2010


  1. slkpmp
    Yet another reason why my ferret has to drive around to find a Pharm that has his script & can fill it.:mad:
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