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Couple found unconscious in vehicle with heroin, 4-year-old daughter.

  1. jon-q
    ST. LOUIS • A Granite City couple now face criminal charges after police found them unconscious in their car after apparently injecting heroin with their 4-year-old daughter in the back seat.

    George D. Stevenson, 32, and Diane Van Deusen, 31, both of the 2500 block of Iowa Street in Granite City, were charged Tuesday in St. Louis Circuit Court.

    According to court documents, St. Louis police responded to a call about suspicious people on the parking lot of a gas station at East Grand Avenue and Interstate 70 at about 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 13.

    An officer saw paramedics helping Van Deusen, who was initially unconscious.

    She told the officer that she had bought what court documents describe as nine "pills" of heroin at the gas station, injected four of them, took four Xanax and tried to drive out of the parking lot.

    Witnesses saw her trying to drive out before the vehicle stopped in the middle of the street, authorities said. The witnesses went up to the car and saw Van Deusen unconscious with a syringe in her hand, Stevenson also apparently unconscious, and the girl in the back seat.

    The witnesses brought the girl inside the gas station to wait for police, and Stevenson threw the syringe to the ground and tried to move Van Deusen from the driver's seat in order to drive away himself, police said.

    Police searched him and found five heroin pills on him, and found more syringes inside and under the vehicle and in Van Deusen's purse.

    Stevenson faces charges of drug possession and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, and Van Deusen faces charges of drug possession, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, endangering the welfare of a child, and driving while under the influence of drugs.

    Police and a circuit attorney spokesperson wouldn't comment about the current status of the child.

    STLtoday 26th Oct 2011


  1. Twan
  2. jon-q
    I’m sure the 4 year old child is laughing about this right now!

    These people don’t deserve to have children and to me they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Shooting up in front of a child is bad; attempting to drive whilst excessively under the influence is bad, doing this with your kid in the back seat beggar’s belief.

    I feel sorry for the poor child, but considering the parent’s behaviour you can’t help feeling that in the long run she will be better off without them.

  3. baba_yaga
    I dunno. I mean obviously the parents fucked up, but it doesn't mean they didn't love the kid.

    I am still strongly of the belief that the worst parent in the world who actually loves their child will be a better parents than the Care system and successive foster homes.

    Although, small mercy or not, at age 4 there's a better chance of being adopted than if she was older...
  4. godztear
    To elaborate about the pills, in the St L area a lot of the street heroin is sold in capsules for next to nothing. Not a very funny situation for the kid though, hopefully the get the attention they need. I am very grateful for DCFS removing me from my dangerous childhood home because if not I may not even be here today. What if these people would have nodded out on the interstate highway?
  5. baba_yaga
    Maybe it's just that when I was a kid my parents were so freaked out and worried that social workers would take us away that makes me feel that way. I was never allowed friends round because my parents thought "Normal" people would call social services on us and we'd be taken away. And my parents really loved me.

    I guess there does have to be a line somewhere... but it's hard.
  6. somnitek
    They're addicts. What does anyone expect? ASTOUNDING DISPLAYS OF RESPONSIBILITY. Christ... I'm not saying this negates them from fault. That would be far from what I'm about on things like this, but what I am saying (and I should mention, I DO NOT have a kid, so... Take that for what you will), is that if I was sick... Really sick (I'd have to be beyond even "really" to shoot up in a car, and I'd certainly never do it with a kid around. WTF?), and had just spent some inordinate amount of time trying to score, I could see something like this happening with people of weaker willpower. Maybe willpower isn't the right word. I didn't think looser morals, or ethics was either, though.

    In any case, I'd guess that's what happened. They were sick, probably very. They couldn't score. They took the Xanax to alleviate symptoms. Then they managed to finally score, but were still sick. They did some, they nodded out. Seems pretty cut and dry. Looks like the big mistake here was TRYING TO DRIVE. I've known people to try this, and it always ends badly. Sleeping and driving... HIGHLY INCOMPATIBLE... WHY DO I HAVE TO TELL PEOPLE THIS?!!

    Good god. Anyway, the news has no business sensationalizing what is ultimately all around a bad situation that happened. The only thing I can say in their favor? I least they didn't leave the kid unattended for sixteen hours or whatever amount of time they spent trying to cop. That's happened before, too, with some folks, I suspect. I steer clear of people like this. Unfortunately, the few times I've run into them, I don't usually find out they ARE like this until it's too late. Then I wish very bad things on them... And coincidentally, very bad things tend to happen to them! Still, it's reserved more for the abusive than the neglectful, who merely should be supervised like the apparent children they themselves still are, or act like. Not to say I never fall into that category, but I tend to take my childish behavior in the form of mooching, when I must. NOT BEING AN IRRESPONSIBLE PIECE OF SHIT, and making a bad example for everyone else.

    Oh well. This seems pretty cut and dry, in any case.
  7. Dark Mage
    It's not actually Heroin pills, its capsules with Heroin in them which is very common in Central United States. SWIMs pet "Cat" gets them (in the large size capsules) and simply pulls the capsule apart, cooks and injects. SWIM pet "Cat" prefers "capsules" because at least a person can see what and how much there getting.

    SWIM has known a number of "addicts" who simply can't wait until getting to a "safe environment", they literally pull around the corner from the "spot" and inject without ever thinking of the possible consequences. SWIM has always made it a "rule" not to inject until getting to a "safe environment" and because of this SWIM has never encountered any police involvement.
  8. MrG
    The most irresponsible, ignorant, neglectful and/or abusive parents are often heard to claim that they *really* love their kids. How does that help the children being raised in a dysfunctional environment? All that happens is they end up being brainwashed into normalising the toxic and become psychologically damaged adults who simply repeat how much their parents loved them and that they know they 'did the best they could' for them.

    Declarations of love do not put food on the table. Declarations of love do not create a stable and emotionally healthy familial environment. Declarations of love do not excuse a parent from the hard work of practising 'positive parenting'.

    A declaration of love for a child is nothing but a meaningless cop-out for parents who are too fucked up, ignorant or lazy to bother actually being a responsible guardian to the vulnerable young life they created.

    You don't just get to tell your child you love them, you have to prove it by raising them in an appropriate and constructive environment.

    There was a lot of outrage and 'how dare they' in reaction to an article posted a while back suggesting that junkies should be encouraged to seek sterilisation, yet these types of incidents only serve to prove the case for it.
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