Couple frantically calls police to come see their 100 pot plant growing operation

By Beeker · Sep 3, 2008 · ·
  1. Beeker
    Sheriff’s Deputies Rush To Scene Of An Armed Home Invasion, Find Sophisticated Indoor Pot Farm Instead

    Winter Haven, Florida (The Weekly Vice) --

    Polk County Sheriff's Deputies rushed to the scene after receiving a report of two armed men invading a Winter Haven, Florida home. But when authorities arrived, there were no armed men. No bandits, no robbers, or invaders of any kind. Sheriff's deputies did find one thing of interest though, a house full of pot plants.

    The call came a little after 4:00 a.m. Monday. A frantic female caller dialed 911 to report that two armed men had invaded her home. Then the call went dead.

    When Sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene, they found home residents Virgillio De La Paz, 33, and Barbara Rodriquez, 28, inside a bedroom closet. Investigators say De La Paz had been pistol-whipped and then handcuffed to the inside of a bedroom closet. Barbara Rodriquez had been forced into a closet along with Da La Paz.

    Authorities searched the rest of the home for the reported home invaders, but did not find any. They did however find something interesting. A sophisticated home marijuana growing operation.

    Investigators say two bedrooms of the house contained an elaborate marijuana growing operation that included up to 100 mature marijuana plants.

    Virgillo De La Paz and Barbara Rodriquez have been booked into the Polk County Jail on charges of Cultivation of Cannabis, Maintaining a Dwelling For Drug Use, and Trafficking in Cannabis.

    Polk County officials are also still pursuing the two suspects who invaded the home, but fled the scene before deputies arrived.

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  1. Mutil
    wow. that's a freakin' shame...ugh. i like that people post these sorts of stories, it's good to keep informed, but man they make me so angry. >=|
  2. PingoTango
    The only real victims here are 100 innocent pot plants.
  3. enquirewithin
    This is about as sensible as eating poisonousness mushrooms.:(
  4. Panthers007
    And they claim people who grow pot carry guns because they're criminals. Ha! It's because they have big mouths and get armed robbers dropping in for tea. In this case they should have been armed - and not called 911. But they were, I surmise, stupid enough to tell someone what they were doing. That someone told someone and...

    So if these geniuses had guns, they'd probably of shot themselves in the foot instead of meeting force with superior firepower. Or gunned down the robbers and then called 911.

    My opinion? Never call 911. No matter what. Handle it yourself - or run for it. If you call 911, the cops will invade your home and they will find anything they can to haul you off to jail. If they can't find anything, but they don't "like your kind, boy!" - they will lie.
  5. Dark_Man_Of_Peace
    That's all most as bad as a cop who took weed out of the evidence locker and had his wife make brownies. Then get so high that he thought he was dying so he calls the cops.
  6. fiveleggedrat
    This was in my local paper today. Not much of an article, though.

    This type of thing keeps happening, as in, idiots calling the cops to report their own shit, more or less.

    Did they really forget they were growing pot?

    This sounds like drug dealer beef type stuff anywho.
  7. fnord
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