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  1. Alfa

    Eric Nash and Wendy Little don't just grow pot legally -- they wrote the
    book on it.

    The Duncan couple, two of 553 people currently allowed to cultivate
    marijuana for medical use, have published Sell Marijuana Legally, a
    step-by-step guide to making money by becoming federally licensed to sell pot.

    "On our Web site, people kept asking, 'How do we get started?' and it just
    made sense to put it all together in a book," said Nash.

    Nash said there are lots of books and Internet Web sites available to teach
    people how to grow pot, but Sell Marijuana Legally, which is available
    online for $19.95, is more like a business plan.

    It details how to access hard-to-find government information and comes with
    forms that will start the application.

    Nash and Little, who supply marijuana to five chronically ill patients,
    have 90 marijuana plants at their Island Harvest facility, which is not at
    their home, and if they receive authorization from 30 more customers, they
    will eventually have 450 plants.

    Nash, a former Web designer, and Little, a teacher, were motivated two
    years ago to begin researching after a relative with multiple sclerosis
    asked for help in figuring out how to obtain medical marijuana.


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