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  1. Rightnow289
    A cocaine courier has been jailed for five years after a judge warned that the courts would try to break the drugs link between Liverpool and Dundee.


    Daniel Schofield was caught with five kilos of cocaine, worth £250,000 on the streets, after police received a tip-off about a drug handover in Dundee.
    He tried to run when officers challenged him but was quickly found.
    Liverpudlian Schofield, 28, previously admitted being concerned in the supply of the class A drug.
    Police set up observations outside Discovery Quay in Dundee after learning that Schofield had booked into a hotel room on 8 February 2007.
    They had previously been warned that a man heavily involved in the city's drugs trade was due to meet a courier from Liverpool.
    Schofield was seen leaving his room with two carrier bags, which he put into the back of a taxi before police moved in.
    Schofield ran but was caught. He was found to have £400 in cash, while the bags contained cocaine and digital scales.
    Schofield had claimed he thought he was delivering cannabis to pay off a drugs debt.
    Lord Uist told him: "You took a calculated risk in bringing these drugs to Dundee and now you must pay the penalty."
    At the High Court in Edinburgh, the judge said: "The drugs connection between Liverpool and Dundee is well known to this court, which must do all it can to destroy it."
    Schofield failed to show up for an earlier trial and was later arrested on Jersey.

    Source - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/tayside_and_central/7826619.stm


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