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Court: Police find 16,000 ecstasy pills stashed in Marsa residence

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Court: Police find 16,000 ecstasy pills stashed in Marsa residence

    Joseph Buttigieg, 36, was yesterday remanded in custody by magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit after he was accused of hiding around 16,000 ecstasy pills in a safe in his mother’s residence in Marsa, and also accused of being in possession of cocaine in circumstances which denote that it was not for his own exclusive use. He pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against him. Mr Buttigieg, who lives in Cospicua and is unemployed, was arraigned after the police received a tip off from someone unknown to monitor Mr Buttigieg’s whereabouts. When they apprehended the accused the first time, the police found Mr Buttigieg in possession of around 100 ecstasy pills and several small sachets of cocaine. The police then carried out further investigations, and found the rest of the ecstasy pills stored in a safe in his mother’s residence. The safe was opened by the police using a chainsaw, after Mr Buttigieg said he forgot the number to the safe.

    Magistrate Stafrace Zammit also ordered the prison director to assign the prison doctor to analyse the medical condition of the accused. Legal aid lawyer Renzo Porsella Flores represented the accused and Police Inspectors Pierre Grech and Victor Aquilina led the prosecution against Mr Buttigieg.

    April 28 2010


  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Man denies possession of 16,000 ecstasy pills

    A 36-year-old man was this morning remanded in custody after pleading not guilty to trafficking ecstasy.

    Joseph Buttigieg, of Cospicua, also pleaded not guilty to being in possession of the drug at amounts that denoted it was not for his personal use and to being in possession of cocaine.

    Sources said that during investigations, the police and found Mr Buttigieg carrying 100 ecstasy pills.

    They searched his mother’s house in Marsa where they found 16,000 ecstasy pills in a safe, which they had to open with a chaser.

    Wednesday, 28th April 2010 - 11:47CET
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