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Cow Palace Rave Ends in Arrests, ER and Death

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Cow Palace Rave Ends in Arrests, ER and Death

    One young man died following Saturday night's rave at the Cow Palace.

    Police say Anthony Mata, 23, from Santa Clara died after ingesting tainted drugs. They said he also showed signs that he hit his head in a fall, but say that was not enough to kill him.

    He was one of about a dozen people who ended up in San Francisco and San Mateo County emergency rooms following the annual electronic music festival "etd.POP 2010." Most of the young people who were taken to the hospital became sick after ingesting tainted drugs.

    Officials can't release the condition of those in the hospital, but Bay City News quoted one health official who said some may have life threatening illnesses. As of Monday midday, five remain in critical condition.

    Along with the medical emergencies, police arrested 68 adults and five juveniles for allegedly possessing or selling drugs. The adults were booked in jail and the juveniles were given court dates after being released to their parents.

    Updated 10:17 AM PDT, Mon, May 31, 2010



  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Man who overdosed at Cow Palace rave dies

    (05-31) 04:00 PDT Daly City -- A man in his early 20s died Sunday night after he overdosed on drugs at an electronic music festival in Daly City Saturday, a police lieutenant said today.

    The man died at about 8:30 p.m. Sunday, around 24 hours after he attended the "etd.POP 2010" music festival at the Cow Palace, Daly City police Lt. Jay Morena said.

    Police were originally concerned about reports the man suffered head trauma, but staff at San Francisco General Hospital said the man's head injury was insignificant, Morena said. Doctors determined the man died of a drug overdose.

    Ten other people who attended the music festival were hospitalized apparently as a result of tainted drugs, according to police.

    Officers arrested 68 adults and five juveniles for allegedly possessing or selling drugs at the annual music festival on Saturday. The event lasted from 6 p.m. Saturday to 2 a.m. Sunday.

    Members of the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force and the Daly City Police Department joined other city, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies in an undercover operation that led to the dozens of arrests.

    Police also seized 800 Ecstasy tablets with a street value of $16,000, and other drugs including LSD, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. About $5,000 in cash was also taken, officials said.

    Staff at county hospitals were concerned festival goers might have taken tainted drugs at the festival after 11 patients showed up exhibiting symptoms inconsistent with normal ecstasy overdoses, Morena said.

    Samples of the drugs were taken to a toxicologist at San Francisco General Hospital Sunday night for emergency testing, Morena said.

    "They worked on them all night, but I haven't heard the results," Morena said this morning.

    Last year's electronic music event netted the arrest of 76 adults and three juveniles, as well as the seizure of 901 Ecstasy tablets, marijuana, methamphetamine and more than $5,000 in cash, officials said.

    Monday, May 31, 2010
  2. godztear
    Whoever it was who was supplying the bullshit drugs needs to be bitch slapped really hard. Someone goes to a rave to have tons of fun dancing and whatnot, not to end up in the hospital or morgue.
  3. RaverHippie
    I'll have to ask my friends about this.

    Edit: Yeah some of the people my west coast Raver Friend was hanging out with got sick and went home early and had heard reports "of a girl bleeding out her eyes resulting in an ambulance being called" and he had also just heard about the news reports confirming the statistics.
  4. Hashishi
    A PMA tainted batch of rolls, perhaps?
  5. EscapeDummy
    Swim went to this event; it was his first rave. It was truly an incredible experience, swim thought. However there were many things wrong. On another site, it was reported that another (girl?) died, bringing the fatalities to two. This has been picked up by not just the local news media, but the AP, huffington post... according to the other forum, some of the news media has been "suggesting" that there may have been rat poison in the pills! More likely, and what other members said, was there were some piperazines in these pills.

    The event was not ventilated. It was only one room, unlike previous years. There were 16,000+ people in this one room. From 8pm onwards, there was literally a DENSE FOG in the entire arena. It looked and felt like a steam room... from all the sweat, and everywhere in the main room was 85+ degrees, the dancefloor was over 90. Swim didn't bring a thermometer but he would say those are each accurate to within 5-7 degrees F. Swim poured water on his head constantly, by the time it reached his eyes/nose the water was already warm. He remembers thinking, "this is dangerously hot, this is bad, people are going to get hurt" as early as 8pm (it was 4pm-2am). Every single part of the floor in the stands and on the floors, as well as ALL the hallways was soaking wet. There was incredible amounts of condensation on the walls, after a few hours they were kicking out people for ANY reason, swim thinks because they realized how overcrowded and hot things were getting. When Armin Van Buuren played his set, sometime around 12:30, the dancefloor was closed off to ANYONE.

    Swim or his friends saw: a girl having a seizure on the floor, an azn kid held on both sides by emt's, eyes rolling around unable to walk, a guy slipped on the super wet, inclined floor and hit his head, a girl sitting down in lobby, being told to stand up, and just being completely unresponsive to them... a few other people passing out from exhaustion/heatstroke There were plenty of medics and they were really trying to help people, swim heard ~20 had to go to the hospital. People in critical condition were suffering from kidney failure and internal bleeding (!).

    On the other forum, swim read that the OD death is now being investigated as murder.
    Swim thinks its really sad, he had such an incredible time at the event, met so many nice, caring people, had such a great time listening to the music, getting/giving lightshows etc. SkillsDJ are considered "hometown heroes" somewhat in the bay area electronic scene and this is gonna be a huge blow to them and their image. They have cooperated with law enforcement & undercovers for the past few years now, swim would hate to see a law passed banning electronic music events in public venues. Swim has read a bunch of the articles about this, some are contradictory, many are sensationalist (rat poison?!). But swims prayers go out to the family of the passed and also to those still in critical condition. But one must also consider the numbers, 30 hospitaliztions out of 16,000+ attendees is roughly .1% of everyone.

    edit: would the follow up "murder investigation" story be a part of justice and law?
    also, while swim feels terrible for these people, its honestly the stupidest idea to buy drugs not at any massive rave, but especially POP. it's become notorious for the ridiculous amounts of undercovers going around begging for pills and busting people, including cute girls dressed in rave outfits claiming to have been "ditched by their boyfriend". Swim, who looks nothing like a hardcore raver (as it was his first) or dealer at all, was approached by at least 4 different people asking for pills, they just use the shotgun approach. It's kind of screwed up actually, they arrested 70 people and snagged 800 pills. That's an average of 11.5 pills per person. Considering some of the arrested probably just had 2 or 3 extra pills for friends, they ended up busting a lot of non-dealers, and maybe snagged a few smalltime or mid level ones.

    He saw several people getting cuffed. It's a total narcfest, as per cow palace policy with the Daly City PD. Buying and selling are super shady there, and it would be the last place to expect to get good pills.
  6. Ego Loss
    From reading that post and the one above this one, really seems like an awful tradgedy for those who are in the hospital and the fatalities involved.

    So it was one big enclosed area and the temperature was 80 F+ that right there is going to cause many problems with major dehydration and heat stroke and other related medical problems. The people running that rave should have had better planning or should have done some procedures before health problems started to arise. It could have prevented some of the problems, aside from the tainted extacy pills.

    Personally swim hasn't been to a rave yet as he's still underage, but plans on going to one when he is of legal age. Also you've heard the slogan most likely, "Know your Body - Know your Mind - Know your Substance - Know your Source."

    Swims opinion when it comes to acquiring substances, is to know your source or dealer. Obviously everyone has had there first time buying from someone new. But swims point is to stick with the dealers you know and most likely have some trust in. Why risk the chance of buying bunk or tainted drugs from someone you don't know at all and while at a RAVE.
    People just want to exploit newbies and make money without caring about the harm caused or bunk substance. Swim sees that people would buy drugs at a rave cause they are readily available but for a level of harm reduction try at least to buy from a known trusted dealer or someone swiy has gotten from before.

    Also some smart people or who are curious for what they are intaking, will buy marquis extacy pill testing kit. Swiy obviously knows that drugs are harmful to a level of degree, that some drugs are tainted, bunk, or posionous. But why risk the chance of having injury or severe health problems or even death, when all swiy wants is a fun experience. All street drugs have that risk of being something else than what it actually is, it's not like it's coming from a pharmaceutical drug company, where you know what your ingesting.

    All swim is trying to explain, is to think twice before doing street drugs, have some common knowledge. Start of with a low dose or just 1 pill and wait up to an hr and decide if its bunk or not what one has perceived it being or is causing unwanted effects. It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Swim also sends out his condolences and sympathy for the families and friends, of those lives that were lost and/or affected that night. And for anyone who has suffered or died from taking tainted drugs. Swim will hope for those in critical condition to make a full recovery. And shame on those who knowingly sell tainted drugs, swim hopes karma will come around and teach those a severe lesson.
  7. Terrapinzflyer
    Another Cow Palace Raver Hospitalized From Ecstasy

    DALY CITY, Calif. -- An eleventh person* has been hospitalized after apparently overdosing on a drug ingested at an electronic music festival in Daly City over the weekend.

    The 25-year-old San Jose man was admitted to an East Bay hospital late Monday night after falling unconscious from a suspected overdose of the drug ecstasy.
    Similar apparent overdoses claimed the life of another young man, 23-year-old Santa Clara resident Anthony Mata, Sunday night.

    The victims became ill after taking a drug believed to be ecstasy at the "etd.POP 2010" music festival Saturday night at the Cow Palace in Daly City, police said.

    Daly City police Sgt. David Mackriss said the most recent case is life-threatening, and police said Monday that five other cases were also life-threatening. Two more people are in stable condition.

    Officers arrested 68 adults and five juveniles on suspicion of possessing or selling drugs at the festival. The event lasted from 6 p.m. Saturday to 2 a.m. Sunday and had an estimated attendance of 16,500.

    Police also seized 800 ecstasy tablets with a street value of $16,000, and other drugs including LSD, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. About $5,000 in cash was confiscated, officials said.

    Samples of the confiscated drugs are being examined by toxicologists.
    In 2002, two people died of drug overdoses linked to the same music festival, according to Mackriss.

    Mackriss said anyone who attended the festival who has symptoms related to an overdose should get examined at a hospital.

    *The number of persons hospitalized after the rave differ between the Daly City Poilice Department and the San Francisco Department of Public Health; Daly City Police report a total of nine people hospitalized, while SF Dept. Of Public Health reports 11.

    Published: June 1, 2010

  8. Terrapinzflyer
    California: Tainted Drugs Ruled Outin Death at Bay Area Music Festival

    The authorities are ruling out the possibility that tainted drugs killed a man after a rave concert in the San Francisco Bay area. Sgt. David Mackriss of the Daly City Police Department said Tuesday that overdoses from various potencies of Ecstasy likely contributed to the death of the man, Anthony Mata, 23, on Sunday. Six other people are in critical condition at area hospitals for suspected overdoses. Another two people are in stable condition. They were among more than 16,000 people attending the POP 2010 music festival Saturday in Daly City.

    Published: June 1, 2010

  9. EscapeDummy

    Skills should have definitely figured out some way to ventilate the place better, but maybe that's just not possible at the Cow Palace. Also, it was an all ages event - 16+ - so there were underage people there. Swim has read that Skills has been throwing raves for 10+ years and they know what they're doing, but it is weird that it was so unventilated. However they had plenty of medics roaming around and on call, with plenty of water in supply for those who appeared to be in danger from lack of water. Also keep in mind the flyer and all promotions for the poster made it very clear that this was a "drug free event" and users would not be allowed/be kicked out.
    Swim wouldn't say they were readily available. Security did a thorough search of all belongings, including wallets and purses, as well as a pat down search of everyone. He's sure some clever dealers got their shit in, but with security to get in + the insane amount of undercovers, he would not say drugs were readily available. Readily consumed, and in large numbers perhaps, but the vast majority of people had only enough drugs for themselves. Judging by the pill/person arrest ratio, it sounds like they didn't even catch many people with lots of pills. But swim of course agrees that it is very stupid to buy there.
  10. Ego Loss
    Well escape dummy, swim is glad to hear that they had a level of security entrance checks, medical personnel and ready water. But how many people were there? Cause it even seems a bit obsurd for the amount of injuries and health problems that occured.
  11. Spucky
    AW: Cow Palace Rave Ends in Arrests, ER and Death

    In Western-Europe we have some Organizations they do "Drug-Checking" at the big Raves.

  12. Terrapinzflyer
    Daly City Police: Ecstasy and Other Factors Led to Man's Death
    Overdose likely killed the 23-year-old, police say, but definitive answers will take weeks

    Laced drugs. An overdose. A madman with a syringe.

    Police have pursued many leads in the case of 23-year-old Anthony Mata, including a rumor that someone stuck random concertgoers with a syringe.

    But police have yet to find a syringe or a suspect, and they now say the most likely explanation is that Mata overdosed on Ecstasy, Sgt. David Mackriss said Tuesday.

    Mata died on Sunday, and six others were hospitalized in critical condition after attending a packed, overheated electronic music festival at the Cow Palace in Daly City, where about 16,000 were in attendance.

    Preliminary tests show Mata and others took Ecstasy, but police won’t know what exactly was in Mata’s system until toxicology test results come back in about eight weeks. An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

    The condition of one of two patients originally listed in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital has improved to fair, spokeswoman Rachael Kagan said, and officials expect to know within the next couple of days whether the other patients may recover. The condition of the other four patients was unclear.

    While police continue to investigate the possibility that the drugs were laced, other factors likely included dehydration and excessive heat. Members of the local rave scene and police said inexperience at these events, where drug-taking is common, may also have been a factor.

    “The event itself was filled to capacity. It was hot in there,” Mackriss said. “People have different tolerances. There could have been people [for whom] this was their first event, they took different dosages, different potencies. We don’t know if people knew what they were getting into.”

    Those hospitalized did not know each other, and obtained their drugs from different sources, police said. Mackriss said police have been unable to identify a single source of the drug.

    “There’s no common denominator,” Mackriss said. “We haven’t been able to link anybody except they are suffering the same physical illness.”

    California Poison Control is currently analyzing urine and blood samples from some of the patients for information.

    Mata shared symptoms with others who were hospitalized, including muscle breakdown, sodium imbalance, high heart rate, high blood pressure and high temperature, said CPC’s Cyrus Rangan. All are symptoms of either Ecstasy use or overdose, he said. In the more serious cases, such as Mata's, doctors saw internal bleeding and kidney failure.

    While doctors believe the patients took Ecstasy, they are not sure if they took other drugs or if the pills contained other toxic ingredients. Both Rangan and Sue Carlisle, an anesthesiologist at San Francisco General Hospital, say that even individual Ecstasy pills can vary in chemical makeup.

    “We’re trying to get a better idea of what was in there,” Rangan said.

    By SHOSHANA WALTER on June 1, 2010 - 10:09 p.m. PDT

  13. EscapeDummy
    Re: AW: Cow Palace Rave Ends in Arrests, ER and Death

    Swim has read numbers ranging from 16,000 to 20,000 people. He thinks the total amount of people, including security, staff, and undercover cops was probably inbetween that range. For sure there were at least 16k tickets sold.

    Spucky, by drug checking do you mean they test the pills so people don't kill themselves by taking bad shit? We... used to have that here. It was called DanceSafe. The company would do pill testing right on the spot. Company is still around, but there was a huge public backlash against them because the public/politicians don't give a fuck about harm reduction, it looks like dancesafe is "endorsing" drug use to them. The company is fully legal and was apparently cleared by county district attorneys, but the public/media didn't care. So they still exist but I guess are not allowed to be present at massives for some reason.
  14. sandoz1943
    Re: AW: Cow Palace Rave Ends in Arrests, ER and Death

    PMA, overheating who knows. Why is it when these things happen the follow up story with the results of the toxicology is a three line story on the back page or never appears at all. Hope someone is on top of it and will post the results of the toxicology when and if they print it. Would love to hear the results. You think they would be in more of a hurry to figure out what it was so no one else gets hurt.

    It is one (wrong) thing to rip someone off and take their money. It is another all together to sell someone something that might harm or possibly kill them. Stories like this make me wish that there were a hell or some form of fitting justice for such behavior
  15. nomud
    As noted ventilation of the venue would be important.
    Open or enclosed? Most people think dancing is easy.
    For someone not too active to actuially do 60 bpm
    for more than 20 min is amazing.Doing 120 bpm for
    20 mins can be difficult for a pro.That's more physical
    energy than most professional sports.

    Swim thinks lack of O2 and over enthusiasum.
    Hopefully not tainted drugs.Too many couch potatoes think
    they can dance like a pro.;) 16,000 and only a few
    mishaps is amazing.
  16. sandoz1943
    Also possible clue thats suggests over heating may be the culprit the place is called The Cattle Dome in my experience this usually means an venue that serves the 4H during the county fair where they show cows. These are usually over sized aluminum sheds with no air conditioning. Fishing out from heat exhaustion and dehydration is a terrible way to go and it would explain the seizures.
  17. RaverHippie

    "The Cow Palace" is a large convention center type structure just south of San Francisco. Not quite cattle ranching area.

  18. Terrapinzflyer
    ^^ It was originally built in the 40's for rodeos and livestock shows. Believe it still has them believe it or not (major agricultural areas surround SF ). It is an ancient place and probably could use modernization- though it was a popular venue for shows in the late 60's early 70's with the likes of the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd putting on major shows there without problems... Its also been home to pro basketball, hockey, and rollerderby, though nowadays mostly seems to do trade shows and expos and the like.
  19. sandoz1943
    The name is kind of misleading our cattle dome is just a glorified aluminum shed the acoustics suck!
  20. EscapeDummy
    Yeah, that's why it's a palace, not just a dome:p.

    They have a hemp festival up in there, decent amount of raves, Terra said they used to host Grateful Dead/Floyd, more drugs have probably been taken there than many venues in the US lol.
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