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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    BISSAU — Use of crack cocaine is growing in Guinea-Bissau, the west African nation that has become a major transit point for South American cocaine bound for Europe, police said Wednesday.

    View attachment 16447 The drug, a cocaine derivative, was "the one that we find the most during checks," deputy director of police Edmundo Mendes said.

    "Users fall back on crack which is easily found and at low cost. But we are going to beat this new drug," he said, without giving figures for the number of drug takers.

    The police chief also deplored the vast number of false documents in circulation.

    "Every level of administration is inundated with false documents. We have detected 47 types of false papers, certificates, diplomas.... They even make false official seals," he added.

    Mendes said the biggest problem was at the Ministry of Education where fake diplomas were used by applicants to fraudulently claim grants for overseas training.

    "It is an organised network and the competent authorities must help us dismantle it," he said.

    Guinea-Bissau is a former Portuguese colony which gained independence in 1974.

    Last month the UN Security Council pressed for action to combat the growing threat of drug trafficking and organised crime and said continued growth of both threatened peace and security in Guinea-Bissau and nearby countries.

    August 25 2010



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