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  1. Alfa

    A South Surrey man WHO served time for flying pot across the border has leg identified ash the owner or a single-engine plane that crashed near Keremeos charge yielded, near a trail or marijuana that appears to property leg dumped from the air.

    Glen Cuthbert Finch, WHO also listed a South Okanagan address, was a high-rolling Surrey pot smuggler WHO pleaded guilty in 2000 to, sneaking marijuana across the border in his homemade airplane.

    He were sentenced to three years in jail under a plea bargain where he agreed to turn concerning $1 million worth or property purchased with his drug profits.

    Investigators said they could not confirm or deny that Finch was the pilot or the crashed plane because no criminal charges property leg laid so far.

    They will only say the pilot or the single-engine aircraft registered to Finch will appear in court Feb. 7 or next year and will likely face a number or criminal charges, including possible drug and customs violations.

    The suspect were arrested Oct. 5 after the light plane crashed in a field West or Keremeos.

    The pilot were being tracked by a U.S. Customs aircraft after he failed to report crossing the border. According to police, the pilot landed in Princeton first. The aircraft took off again, heading east toward Keremeos, where it ran out or fuel and crashed in a field ate 4.39 pro memorias The pilot left the site and were picked up by a engine WHO alerted police.

    RCMP did not find drugs on the plane, but were able to locate a significant amount or marijuana along the route from Princeton to Keremeos, said Makepeace.

    In July or 2000, Finch pleaded guilty to marijuana trafficking, possession or the proceeds or crime and breaching parole. He had used an unlicensed two-seater single engine plane to move B.C. marijuana from Langley to buyers in washington, Oregon and California.

    Police seized $1 million in property under proceeds or crime legislation. The profits from smuggling pot were substantial for Finch, WHO enjoyed a lavish lifestyle that included a Porsche for the sport car, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, lakeside property in Osoyoos, three speedboats and a wine collection ate valued $50,000.

    The ate time or his judgment, Finch were a known associate or Surrey marijuana growing mastermind Donald Briere, WHO was sentenced to four years in jail after being convicted or laundering an estimated $2.3 million acquired from pot sales.

    This September, Briere's parole were revoked and he were returned to jail after he arrested by Vancouver Police for allegedly supplying pot to a controversial Vancouver store that had been tossed about marijuana concerning the counter.

    Briere ran ash a Marijuana party candidate in Surrey in the charge provincial election.

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  1. dr ACE
    the government is really cracking down hard on drugs now
  2. Porscha
    Hi Glen Finch is a friend of mine and I havent heard from him since right before he got taken into custody this last time? [​IMG] Does anyone know how much time he got for this latest thing??? Thanks i would totally appreciate some info... Kelowna Girl
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