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Crew of Netherlands-Flagged "Wanikiki" Arrested After 302 Kilos Of Cocaine Discovered

  1. buseman
    Four South Americans and three Central Americans have been arrested in Panama for their alleged association with a cache of 302 kilos of cocaine found inside a boat intercepted in international waters and taken to the Atlantic port city of Colon, said an official source.

    Linked to this case several people have been arrested; that is to say, the crew of the ship, three Hondurans, two Colombians, a Chilean and Ecuadorian said Anti Drug Prosecutor Javier Caraballo.

    The Netherlands-flagged vessel named the Wanikiki was intercepted three days ago about 160 miles north of the coast, said National Naval Air Service spokesman, Vladimir Rodriguez.

    The drugs were found today in ten bags hidden in one of the ship's water tanks, after the ship was searched for several days, said the Panamanian prosecutor.

    The operation was conducted by the Police and the Senan, in conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard, according to a statement from the Panama National Police (PN).

    The U.S. Coast Guard alerted the police and Senan of the possibility that the ship, which was in international waters, could be transporting drugs.

    The vessel was boarded and subsequently towed to Panamanian waters, docking at Pier 6 of the Port of Cristobal, Colon Province, north of the capital. The seven arrested, not identified, were turned over to prosecutors. (La Estrella)

    Saturday, May 22 2010


  1. Alfa
    Re: Crew of Netherlands-Flagged "Wanikiki" Arrested After 302 Kilos Of Cocaine Discov

    I recognize those two from the muppet show.

    Too bad the article doesn't inform why the vessel was suspected to have drugs on board.
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