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  1. fnord
    Crime charges for Mexican police
    Authorities in the Mexican city of Tijuana have charged 21 police officers with involvement in organised crime and "crimes against public health". The men, who are being held in custody while they await trial, are accused of collaborating with one of the country's most powerful drugs cartels. The cartel reportedly controls the flow of drugs from Tijuana across the border to the American state of California. A nationwide campaign is under way to stamp out police corruption. President Felipe Calderon has deployed more than 30,000 troops throughout the country to battle drugs-related violence, which claimed the lives of more than 5,000 people last year.



  1. cannabis-sam
    I do think things have now got so bad in mexico with the cartels and all that legalization is inevitable, theres only so long this war can go on and I can't think of examples of where prohibition has got so bad.

    It's Al Capone times 1000
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