Crime file - 04/10/08

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  1. Freaky
    Crime file - 04/10/08
    Lancashire Evening Post

    Crime file - 04/10/08
    Published Date: 03 October 2008
    A round-up of crime news from around Lancashire.
    Two arrested in cannabis probe Two people have been arrested after 25 kilos of cannabis resin was discovered at a luxury flat in Centenary Mill on New Hall Lane, Preston.
    A 40-year-old man and 26-year-old woman were being quizzed over the discovery on Thursday.
    Det Insp Keith Lee said: "We have seized a substantial amount of cannabis from the address."

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  1. Herbal Healer 019
    :eek:MG!!!!! NOT Cannabis!!!

    heRbaLhEaLeR19 added 2 Minutes and 8 Seconds later...

    Does law enforcement really think 25 kilos is really even making a dent in the drug trade??? considering how many undiscovered indoor grows there are I think not.:cool:
  2. Greenport
    That's quite an amount of resin o_O;

    Wonder how many pipes they had to scrape to get that
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