Crowley's "Hymn to Pan" set to music by Bill Laswell

By enquirewithin · Jul 8, 2009 · ·
  1. enquirewithin
    Thrill with lissome lust of the light,
    O man! My man!
    Come careering out of the night
    Of Pan! Io Pan!
    Io Pan! Io Pan! Come over the sea
    From Sicily and from Arcady!
    Roaming as Bacchus, with fauns and pards
    And nymphs and satyrs for thy guards,
    On a milk-white ass, come over the sea
    To me, to me,
    Come with Apollo in bridal dress
    (Shepherdess and pythoness)
    Come with Artemis, silken shod,
    And wash thy white thigh, beautiful God,
    In the moon of the woods, on the marble mount,
    The dimpled dawn of the amber fount!
    Dip the purple of passionate prayer
    In the crimson shrine, the scarlet snare,
    The soul that startles in eyes of blue
    To watch thy wantonness weeping through
    The tangled grove, the gnarled bole
    Of the living tree that is spirit and soul
    And body and brain --- come over the sea,
    (Io Pan! Io Pan!)
    Devil or god, to me, to me,
    My man! my man!....

    The best 'tribute' to Crowley I have yet to hear must be on Bill Laswell's Myth, Dreams of the World, a spoken word project similar to his Hashisheen- the End of the Law but inspired by Greek Myths.

    It's read by the actor Wallace Shawn, but confusingly titled "Pan, Playful God of the Country" and not credited to Crowley. The music is by Laswell and is up to the usual excellent standard of his ambient work.

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  1. Potter
    ummm... where is the file? I've read it over and over but I still don't hear the music.
  2. Nature Boy
    Works well with "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind and Fire. :laugh:
  3. enquirewithin
    Earth, Wind and Fire-- three of the four elements. Why not? I was just trying to be informative really. I have tried uploading the file but I get an error message ( "Upload error - file is larger than maximum size permitted for this filetype" -- not true!) even when I try reducing the size of the file. :(

    If you have uTorrent or any other bit torrent client you can download it here:

    You have to be patient.
  4. Sushi
    "Hymn to Pan" was set to music also by Coph Nia (album "Shape Shifter, 2003)

  5. snapper
    SWIM's always been a Laswell fan, and a crowley fan for that matter. SWIM will have to look that one up. It's hard to keep up with Bill Laswell since he is involved with so many different projects...
  6. Sushi
    True, I'm going to look that one up too. If it's Crowley and if it's similar to "Hashisheen" album, then it's definitely worth checking out.
  7. enquirewithin
    I'd say that Hashineen is better overall, but Myth has many of the same contributors and is very good too, who will be familiar to any Laswell fans (and even includes Lemmy of Motorhead). I love Bill Laswell's music. He's been involved in over 600 albums, so it's very hard to keep up-- and the quality is consistently high.

    Here is a better way of downloading Myth:

    If you like Laswell's spoken word projects, his Paul Bowles album is well worth listening to.

    I don't know if Bowles knew of Crowley, but he was an associate of Burroughs, who certainly did.

    Thanks for the Coph Nia reference, Sushi. I'm looking that up.
  8. enquirewithin
    After looking up Copn Nia's wonderfully bombastic version of "Pan", I'd say it's is better in many ways. Much more weird but less literary! Coph Nia's version of "Mr Crowley" is pretty goos too (see Qliphothic Phantasmagoria [Exorcising Old Demons]), including samples of the beast himself and correcting the pronunciation of Crowley's name. (He covers the track "Black Sabbath" too, reminding us that a long time ago Ozzie actually made good songs!)
  9. enquirewithin
    Bill Laswell and friends make refernces to Crowley and in fact he and John Zorn (whose projects include the Crowley quartet) seem to have appeared at a US OTO gig briefly:

    Thee one and only Genesis P-Orridge, E was there too.

    One of the projects that Laswell was involved in, Equations of Eternity, has several references to Crowley, including a sample (Austin Osman Spare also has a track).

    Have a look at the new website of his band Method of Defiance.

    The statement "The Method is Science, the Aim is Religion" comes straight from the cover of the Equinox and one page is called "Jahbulon", an OTO/ Masonic term. And, of course, there is "Do What Thou Wilt".... Not sure how much of this is Laswell or his cohorts.
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