Crystal Meth arrives in Jersey, Channel Islands

By beena · Oct 4, 2008 · ·
  1. beena
    According to an article in the local paper Crystal Meth has arrived on the islands shores. Here is a copy of the article, which first appeared in the Jersey Evening Post (JEP):

    Dangerous drug now in Jersey
    By Anthony Lewis
    CRYSTAL meth, the illegal drug said to be more addictive and damaging than heroin, has arrived in Jersey.
    Addicts attending Alcohol and Drugs Service sessions have recently admitted taking it, prompting fears that the drug, also known as ‘ice’, will get a foothold in the Island. A UK policeman co-opted onto a European working party about the drug has warned the JEP about the potential devastation that could be caused in Jersey if its use and manufacture grows here. Crystal meth is a powerful type of amphetamine which was recently reclassified in the UK from a class B to a class A drug - a move which Jersey is now expected to follow and which will give the courts greater sentencing powers. It is hugely damaging to users - it can age them years in a matter of months - but is also a danger to others. It can also be made in domestic kitchens from readily available products but is highly volatile and can cause explosions, while it also gives off cancer-causing waste products including phosgene, which has been used as a poison gas in wars.

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  1. Beeker
    Beyond the fear mongering, methamphetamine is a prescription drug (Desoxyn) in America.


    Methamphetamine actually hit all States December 1944 in prescription form. It's still prescribed for ADHD and narcolepsy.
  2. kerang
    Wow they really crammed a lot of propaganda in those few sentences:applause:
    My favourite part!
    I hear you can now make it from mixing lye and brakefluid... just remember it must be done in a domestic kitchen.

    Theres nothing like the smell of phosgene gas in the morning:cool:
  3. Panthers007
    Phosgene (carbonyl chloride) smells like new-mown hay - according to the books. I wouldn't suggest proving or disproving this. It's nasty stuff. I had no idea it was given off in the synthesis of meth though. I wonder if it actually is...
  4. beena
    Personally, I wouldn't cite the Jersey Evening Post as being a 'fountain of truth' or containing any really good investigative journalism or anything so I'd be interested to know where they got their intel from. Probably Wikipedia, lol.
  5. Mammon

    Funny you say that, Beena.

    I looked at Desoxyn on Wikipedia and apparently Abbott Laboratories wanted to use it for chronic alcoholism. Giving meth to drunks – hmm, I wonder why that never caught on…

  6. sunofnothing
    Is crystal meth available generally in the UK,particularly Scotland? Can't say swim has ever been offered it.
  7. beena
    SWIM lives in London and until very recently was a crack-cocaine smoker and she has never been offered crystal meth either. They certainly have a big problem with it in the US now but as far as SWIM is aware there is not that much of it about here in the UK. That's why she was quite surprised at reading that article in the JEP!
  8. FuBai
  9. Beeker
    Meth isn't a huge problem and unless you start IVing it isn't as addictive as they say it is ... Nothing like cocaine anyway.

    Most people who use meth use it because they have very long work hours. Jobs like truck driving or roughnecking the oil fields have a 'problem' with amphetamines in the same way I have a 'problem' with my daily 40mg d-amphetamine sulfate (dexedrine) ADHD prescription use. My prescription may say, "20mg in the morning and 20mg in the afternoon" on the bottle but if I told people I used speed daily they would just see an addict with a problem.

    Japan has the same issue as the US and amphetamines are the better coffee. Long work hours and very little holiday time make people unproductive at best. The average American gets less then 7 days paid vacation a year. You people in the UK have laws for vacation time protecting you. In America, most people don't even get vacation time unless they are in a career with a great company and even then the average is two weeks paid.
  10. Rightnow289
    SWIM can say SWIM has never been offered crystal meth once and has never heard of any other others been offered it and SWIM knows a lot of people
  11. G_nome
    SWIM was given some meth as a tester just over two years ago, as some feral cat was handing it out to certain other cats in the area to see if there could be a market for it.
    SWIM was given quite a fair bit, so he smoked a pipe. SWIM says it wasn't exactly all that strong as it's meant to be from what he's heard about it, so either it was very low grade shit or something completely different. SWIM did stay up the rest of the night smoking more of it however, and was very awake and very alert. He even went out to the local shop at 9am and bought a paper and smokes and was very chatty to everyone he met, he also felt pretty good. But SWIM thinks the buzz wasn't as manic as a speed buzz.
    SWIM never saw it going about again after this.

    G_nome added 6 Minutes and 48 Seconds later...

    SWIM was just thinking back and he remembers that MDMA crystal was doing the rounds back then. Now SWIM's consumed this many times to great effect, but he's only took it orally, never smoked.
    So SWIM was just wondering, does SWIY think this tester i got may have been MDMA crystal and because he was smoking it he didn't get the full effects as he would do had he ate it.
    SWIM certainly didn't feel an MDMA buzz that night. Does SWIY know if MDMA is smokable?
  12. sylenth
    that's how it is. first you think aah this is chill & nice & not as hectic as everyone makes it out to be... then once you start using it for a few days in a row cos you ca'nt sleep & 'it's so chill' & nice. you do'nt notice the effects until the psychosis starts kicking in weeks later from using the drug because you so productive & chatty on it etc... you very quickly look & weigh much thinner than you were a few days ago. then the effects start getting nasty once you start getting in to the drug. trust me this shit gets you by the balls because it is strong & never lets you down with the quality & consistency. the smurfs were'nt smoking it back then they were snorting monster lines compared what little amount is used for smoking.

    becarefull of this one swimmers, it'll elude you & consume you & eat you up. to try recover from it takes years. smurf is still skinny from the effects & smurfs friend has only started coming right from the speed psychosis & paranoia from the drug. he used to think people were in the trees & yard trying to break in or attack him. he is on the forum, username MISSINGFET.
  13. Lettish
    It really isn't so popular in the UK. It probably does exist here but it must be very rare as Swim has never heard anyone talk about it or anything...
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