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CU student dead after drinking poppy tea

By chillinwill, Mar 21, 2009 | | |
  1. chillinwill
    Alexander McGuiggan, a 20-year-old University of Colorado student who died last month, died after drinking "opium tea," police and the Boulder County Coroner said today.

    "The cause of death is a morphine overdose, and the manner of death is an accident," said Tom Faure, Boulder County's coroner.

    Police department spokeswoman Sarah Huntley said investigators believe McGuiggan and others had acquired poppy plants -- which are available legally over the Internet -- and were boiling either pods or seeds to make intoxicating tea.

    Police believe McGuiggan knew that the tea he was drinking was made of opiates, Huntley said.

    "What he may not have been as aware of was the dangers of what he was ingesting," she said.

    The Boulder County Drug Task Force is investigating other people who may have been involved in "the procurement of the tea, and the making of the tea," Huntley said. Those people could face charges, she said.

    By Howard Pankratz
    March 20, 2009
    The Denver Post


  1. Herbal Healer 019
    Not long before poppy tea becomes a "drug of conern" by the DEA:mad: and at this rate it may become illegal to obtain edible papavar somniferum pods.....It's a shame; probably just another uneducated drug user naive enough to either eye a dose without a scale or underestimate the potency of the dose he brewed:thumbsdown:

    SWIM will b stocking up if this trend & the media that comes along with it continue
  2. bcubed
    Yes, I agree: not good news for continued quasi-legality of poppy straw.

    Lizard suspects the person in question was a noob, as he's found the "come-up" of tea to be slow enough that someone with experience would have ample time to seek medical attention. Though it certainly reminds one that playing with ANY opiate is serious stuff.
  3. vantranist
    Its morphine... it should be illegal don't you think?

    SWIM does partake in Poppy tea on occasion.
  4. Lady Codone
    Inevitable, but still greatly disappointing. SWIM is kinda freaking out about it now.
  5. returntozero
  6. Alfa
    No, its news and belongs here.
  7. Mr Jykill
    wisdom things can get out of your grasp without it
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