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Cuban Authorities Seize 1,500 Kilos of Drugs in First Half of 2010

By buseman, Sep 9, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    HAVANA – Antidrug operations in Cuba during the first half of this year have resulted in the seizure of 1,592 kilograms (1.75 tons) of drugs of all types and the arrest of at least 15 foreign citizens, according to an official report.

    The report by the Interior Ministry was published Monday by the official daily Granma, which emphasizes that the figures are “insignificant ... compared to other countries,” and particularly the countries that are geographically closest to the island.

    According to the report, the seizures have been made mainly along Cuba’s coasts or in Cuban waters, with 1,032 kilos (1.14 tons) of drugs seized in 77 different operations, among which stands out the confiscation in early June of a boat sailing from Jamaica to The Bahamas with 541 kilos of marijuana on board and the arrest of three Bahamians.

    The antidrug operations carried out at airports on the communist island resulted in the arrest of 12 foreigners, among them an Ecuadorian and a Dominican, and people from three (unspecified) countries of the region, as well as Cubans living abroad or with travel permission.

    The article says that these foreigners were arrested when they were transporting cocaine or heroin they had swallowed in capsules, and it speaks about the case of an Ecuadorian – who was traveling to Russia – who had to receive urgent medical care to remove from his body cocaine capsules he had swallowed but could not manage to purge himself of.

    However, no data was provided about the fate of the arrested foreigners and the article does not specify if they have been brought to trial, found guilty or deported to their countries.



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