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  1. BB1988

    Lonely she sits, golden hair and sad brown eyes. On the outside shes a glowing angel, but her heart is cold as ice.

    She fashions an arrow made of Ivory. At night she pierces the hearts of those who are meant to be. Bringing them together, knowing otherwise they'd never see.

    But alas, who is there to pierce her heart with true loves arrow? If she dare take the dagger to her own heart, she would surely die. So she walks the streets bringing hearts together, while she gracefully falls apart.

    Years of looking in from the outside has left her weary. As she lies on her bed, eyes closed, wings spread, she drags the ivory arrow deep into her chest. Knowing she cannot live without love any longer.

    The blood began to seep from her body, like the tears that stream from her eyes. Just as suspected, it had not worked. An angel now sat, at deaths door step.

    With all seemingly lost, an arrow to the heart, only the sound of sirens rang into the air. Her spirit prepared to leave behind a loveless life.

    She lifted her eyes to gaze upon the world for a final time and standing in front of her lie a blue eyed miracle..

    As he reached down to save her, she was shocked back into her earthly existence. The arrow disappearing with the glimpse of her hearts most longed desire. A realization that, Cupids arrow had finally found its mark.

    This is the story of a girl who always seemed to be able to fix everyone elses problems, but at he root of it all, lied her own. That of which she could not fix for herself. The story itself hopes to prove that sometimes the good thngs n life come along when we least expect it, and sometimes our hardest times will reveal the best moments of our lives.

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  1. Kremmen13
    That's a really good likeness.
  2. BB1988
    Likeness of whom?
  3. Once.up.on.a.time
    Your picture is amazing Hun and your story your very talented xxx
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