Customs finds surprising cargo in Chinese shipment

By jgarlopa · Nov 20, 2009 · ·
  1. jgarlopa
    Talk about holiday cheer.

    Hundreds of boxes that were shipped from China and labeled as Christmas ornaments were seized by suspicious customs officials at Los Angeles Harbor recently. Inside the boxes were 316,000 glass bongs and other drug pipes.

    "They're very colorful and big," said Cristina Gamez, a spokeswoman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. "Some of them are like 2 feet tall."

    Gamez said the bongs and pipes, which were found in nearly 860 boxes of cargo, are worth about $2.6 million.

    The package arrived a month ago but was seized Tuesday at the Los Angeles/Long Beach port complex.

    The manifest listed the cargo as Christmas ornaments.

    No arrests have been made, Gamez said, and an investigation is pending.

    All the items will be destroyed, Gamez said. She said that it was illegal to import, export or sell drug paraphernalia in the United States.,0,7946125.story

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  1. jgarlopa
    I know I posted this thread, but I will be the first to comment on it because it makes me angry. I was born and raised in USA, and I was pretty sure that such devices could not be considered drug paraphernalia as long as they didn't have any residue on them. Customs should be sued for this, since it was such a large shipment worth so much money. It's also strange that this happened in the weed capital of USA.
  2. funkcentralstation
    Same reason Tommy Chong went to prison for 2 years. It's fucked that glass sculpture is illegal in this country.
  3. jgarlopa
    Chong was only in prison for 9 months, but still some pretty fucked up shit just for some pieces of glass. Even before Cowboy started smoking weed, he kept a nice glass bubbler in his room as a piece of art.
  4. thebige
    This seems like its all hype since this whole medical MJ issue has come to the forefront...........Seems like "they" have to prove that they are doing their jobs.
    What will all the anti-drug soldiers do when they don't have a war to fight.
  5. MrG
    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    Yes, whilst the pipes and bongs *could* have been used for illegal substances, it does not make it true that they *would* be used for smoking illegal substances.

    It's akin to stating that juveniles should not be in possession of an empty glass as they *may* use said glassware to drink alcohol whilst under-age.

    They'll be standing on the frontline ready to scream and holler "I told you so" the moment somebody claims that the, newly legalised, drugs have ruined their life somehow.
  6. jgarlopa
    Agreed. It angers me even more that this happened in LA, the city where I live, and also that said city is the weed capital of USA. This seems to be just another time when the cops do something stupid to boost their egos because they get a kick out of catching the big fish, even though there is no real evidence that the accused really is a big fish. I hope the originally intended receiver of said shipment sues the pants off of US Customs.
  7. rawbeer
    Yeah I don't get it, clean glass is legal. How is this justified? The only reason Chong went to prison was for shipping bongs into a jurisdiction that specifically banned them, which is rare in the USA.
    I also don't get why the Chinese hid them. Just write 'tobacco water pipe' all over the place and you should be okay. I guess perhaps the fact that they were hidden justifies the label 'drug paraphrenalia' that was slapped on them.
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