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Customs make £5.8m drug haul in frozen chips

By jon-q, Jul 4, 2011 | |
  1. jon-q
    A man has been accused of smuggling £5.8 million-worth of heroin, cocaine and cannabis in bags of frozen chips.

    Otto Landman, from Eesveen in the Netherlands, appeared at Dover Magistrates' Court today.

    He denied attempting to smuggle the drugs into the UK and was remanded in custody.

    Officers stopped a Dutch registered lorry on June 30 at the inward freight controls of Dover's Eastern Docks.

    When they searched the vehicle and its load of frozen chips, they found approximately 100 kilos of heroin, 15 kilos of cocaine and 250 kilos of cannabis.

    The combined estimated street value of the drugs is estimated to be £5.8 million.

    Enquiries by UK Border Agency investigators are continuing.

    Carole Upshall, UK Border Agency Director for the south coast ports, said: "This is an excellent example of how UK Border Agency officers work tirelessly to detect and prevent drugs from being smuggled into the UK.

    "We are determined to crack down on this terrible trade which can have such a destructive impact on the lives of so many.

    KentOnline 4th July 2011


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