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Customs Officers Bust Driver Carrying Liquid Meth

  1. buseman
    HIDALGO - Authorities are taking extra precautions after making an unusual drug bust. Customs and Border Protection officers found liquid methamphetamine hidden in a truck.

    Customs officers at the Hidalgo bridge seized the liquid meth early Monday. They found the canister in the truck's radiator. The driver and passenger were both arrested.

    Hidalgo police tell CHANNEL 5 NEWS it's unusual to come across meth in the Valley, especially in the dangerous and flammable liquid form.

    Liquid methamphetamine is considered a hazardous material. Although the drug was stored in a canister, customs officers wore protective suits and gloves when removing it from the truck.

    Investigators are storing the drug in a highly-secure area while they investigate.




  1. Alfa
    Please upload the image. This page will not even fully load because its waiting for imageshack to respond.
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