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  1. Guttz

    The Drug Enforcement Cell (DEC), Pakistan Customs, on Friday recovered 200 grams of heroin from an outbound courier parcel at Karachi airport. According to details, DEC staff received a tip-off that contraband heroin would be smuggled in courier parcels taking advantage of extra-ordinary bigger volume of outgoing greeting mails and gift parcels on the eve of the Christmas. The customs staff carried out strict surveillance in the clearance process of outward mails and parcels and intercepted a courier parcel at Karachi airport that was actually booked at Lahore kiosk of a local courier company for Australia. The customs staff thoroughly searched the parcel and recovered 200 grams of fine quality white heroin from it, which was artfully concealed inside five pairs of sports gloves. It may be recalled here that underground mafia involved in the heinous trade always tries to take advantage of abnormal working conditions during festival holidays to smuggle contraband heroin out of Pakistan.

    staff report
    Saturday, December 25, 2010


  1. mickey_bee
    ............and while they searched and opened up one measely parcel of 200gs, shitloads of other parcels were being sorted and heading to their destination. I'm intrigued as to the nature of these 'tip-offs', with it being known as a fact that many of them are from traffickers themselves trying to ensure the smooth passage of more important cargo.
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