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Customs seize 16-kg of heroin, arrest five at airport

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Customs seize 16-kg of heroin, arrest five at airport

    KARACHI: The Customs Drug Enforcement Cell seized 16 kilogrammes of heroin and arrested five accused from Jinnah Inter National Airport on Friday.

    According to details, the customs intercepted a Pakistani passenger Muhammad Akram inside international departure hall when he came there to board Qatar Airways flight QTR 319 for Lagos (Nigeria) via Doha.

    Custom officials informed that a thorough examination of his baggage comprising a suitcase and handbag led to recovery of 16-kg of high quality heroin that was artfully concealed inside hollow cavities of 55 metallic bottles used as a part of the car air-conditioners.

    The customs officials said the passenger disclosed that he was leaving for Muscat (Oman) but scrutiny of his travelling documents revealed that the passenger was in fact leaving for Lagos-Nigeria, a high-risk destination from narcotics smuggling point of view.

    After arresting him the customs officers apprehended another four accomplices including a CAA employee of the accused passenger from outside the International Departure Hall.

    Following recovery and seizing heroin, the customs department has registered a case under Control of Narcotics Substance Act, 1997 against the accused persons.

    The customs official further informed that during this year the custom department at Karachi Airport seized 60-kg of heroin and 10-kg of hashish in 14 cases and have arrested 18 persons involved in the drug smuggling.




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