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By tramster · Aug 12, 2010 ·
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    SWIM has been wanting to give Codeine a go but has been unable to get his hands on any so the weekend SWIM decided to have a go at Cold Water Extraction (CWE) on a packet of co-codamol (32 x 8mg codeine/500mg paracetamol)...

    There are a lot of differing instructions online about how to do CWE and it can be confusing, but really the procedure is very straightforward.

    SWIM found the instructions on DF simplified it (see link below). I won't go into the procedure here in detail as you can read it on that link. Except to say that the pills were crushed to a very fine powder using a proper grinding machine. The whole CWE process took an hour from start to finish.

    Anyway SWIM decided to be cautious having never done this before, so just used half the packet (16 pills).

    The solution after filtering was almost clear like water, and SWIM separated it into 3 doses (each being around 17ml and containing approx 30-42mg of codeine).

    SWIM proceeded to ingest the 3 doses over the space of an hour.. Again, SWIM was being very cautious having never done this before and being uncertain about the level of paracetamol which could be in the solution (paracetamol at high doses can damage your liver). Also there is of course the possibility of a bad reaction, so SWIM decided better to have such a reaction at a low dose rather than a higher dose.

    After ingesting all 3 doses (codeine dose approx 90-126mg) on an empty stomach, SWIM began to feel relaxed and a little bit tingly, but very mild. This feeling did not increase and was very mild indeed, rather disappointing for all the effort.

    SWIM was told by other experienced people that the dose was probably too low for him due to him having some tolerance from regular Tramadol use. Probably 200mg would of been better dose, which SWIM may try next time.

    Conclusion: At least the experience showed that CWE is easy and safe to do and that the solution doesn't cause any adverse effects if carried out correctly.

    Cold Water Extraction Method:

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