By Alfa · Oct 24, 2004 ·
  1. Alfa

    NEARLY 80 per cent of young Europeans said it was easy to obtain drugs
    at parties, with one in three noting a link between the consumption of
    alcohol and drugs and between the consumption of tobacco and drugs.

    These statistics are among the main findings of a Flash Eurobarometre
    opinion poll carried out at the European Commission's request on 7,659
    young people between the ages of 15 to 24 in 15 member states. The
    results of the poll were published last week and come shortly after
    warnings that Cyprus could very well find it tops the European
    statistical charts with its alarming number of drug-related deaths per

    According to an EU press release on young people and drugs, most
    youngsters expressed the feeling all drugs were dangerous, opinions
    were very mixed depending on the product.

    The poll also showed that one out of two young people had been offered
    cannabis this year and that one out of three had tried it; an increase
    compared to a similar poll in 2002.

    "The rate of cannabis and other drugs is higher for boys and girls;
    curiosity remains the most quoted reason for trying out drugs; and 64
    per cent see addiction as the main result of drug-taking," the report

    It added: "Forty-nine per cent agree that drug takers should have
    access to needles and syringes; 53 per cent of young people call for a
    more caring attitude and easier integration in the community in order
    to manage drug-related problems; preventative and punitive measures
    against dealers and drug traffickers (60 per cent) and against
    producers (49 per cent) were deemed particularly important; 42 per
    cent feel that information campaigns are an effective way of managing
    drug-related problems; and the internet is an increasingly popular
    source of information with 34 per of young people who said they would
    use it in 2004 in order to gain information on drugs."

    Keeping in line with Europe's action plan on drugs, Cyprus has
    recently completed a twinning project between the government and the
    EU, which led to the establishment of the Cyprus Monitoring Centre for
    Drugs and Drug Addiction (EKTEPN) and strengthened the institutional
    capabilities of the Cyprus Anti-Drug Council, allowing it to implement
    a National Drug Strategy.

    Next year, the island will be included in the European Monitoring
    Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction European (EMCDDA) annual report
    which provides an overview of the situation of EU drug use and supply,
    and highlights recent developments and emerging trends in member
    states and Norway.

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