Cyprus: Inmates Used Drugs Testing Kit To Outwit Prison Authorities

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    THE CENTRAL Prison authorities launched an investigation this week after three drugs tests were found in an inmate's prison cell.

    Apparently the tests had been used by unknown convicts to carry out experiments on their own urine samples. Prison officials suspect the idea behind these experiments was to give convicts a better understanding of how the tests worked so that they could dupe prison authorities regarding their drug use.

    The find was yesterday confirmed by a source inside the prisons.

    According to the source the tests were found three or four days ago in the cell of an inmate who had only recently been incarcerated and had denied the tests were his.

    The source explained the tests were used to screen inmates for drugs in their urine.

    By law prison authorities had the right to order convicts to take a drugs test, he said.

    Inmates who refused to give a urine sample were punished twice as much as inmates who consented to the test and came back positive for drugs, he added.

    "Sometimes inmates try and trick the test. They'll get a urine sample from an inmate who doesn't use drugs and put it in a bag and then place it in their genitals. When they're asked to give a sample they pretend to give their own urine but they are actually filling it with the clean sample. If they aren't properly checked before giving the test they get away with it," he said.

    In this case it appeared the inmates were trying out a new method of evasion.

    "It seems they were trying to see what sort of drugs the test picks up on and how many days they have so that the drugs don't show up in their urine. They make cocktails of drugs you see, combining Valium and other drugs, and they probably wanted to see what could and couldn't be picked up by the test," the source said.

    "Somehow they got their hands on the tests which are ones used by the service. I don't know that they are readily available on the open market which means that they most likely managed to steal them [from the prisons], which is also under investigation," he said.

    Under ordinary circumstances the inmate where the tests were found should have been placed into isolation pending the conclusion of the investigation, he said. Nevertheless because the specific innate was new to the prison and had denied any knowledge of the tests, it was likely the tests belonged to the cell's previous occupants.

    "Who the tests belonged to is still under investigation at this stage and how they got their hands on the tests," the source said.

    The convict or convicts found responsible for the tests would be punished, he said. This could include losing days from his remission or the loss of certain privileges, he added.

    "From 100 days that he might have been pardoned, he'll lose 15 for example," he said.

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