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Dad high on meth drags son, 11, into woods for an 'exorcism', then attacks the police

  1. Rob Cypher
    A Florida man high on meth who was arrested in a violent confrontation with police after dragging his son into the woods reportedly believed the 11-year-old required an exorcism.

    'You are the demon, you are the demon,' authorities say Bryan Adams told his son after taking him from his bedroom. 'I know what I must do with you.'

    Okeechobee County police say the 31-year-old showed 'no compliance or showing of pain and abnormal strength.'

    Adams' son is uninjured, but the same could not be said for Adams after the January 16 arrest.

    According to the police report, officers including a K9 first found Adams and the boy on the ground amidst thick vegetation.

    It's unclear exactly when police became involved, but Adams' estranged wife told police she'd left her husband because of his heavy crystal meth use.

    Earlier in the day, she said he'd showed up at her work demanding her car keys and threatening to take the children, according to WPBF.

    It was just after 3am when Adams snatched his son from this own bed and took him to the woods while he still wore his pyjamas.

    Police say they grabbed the boy, who was unharmed, but when they went for Adams, he bolted into the soggy underbrush.

    'I then observed Bryan getting up off the ground and lunging at Deputy Hazy. Bryan then turned around and began punching me in the chest with both hands,' Deputy Leland Schoonmaker. 'One wrist did have a handcuff on it and he was swinging it around as he was punching me.'
    During the confrontation, police say Adams repeated: 'I have to stop the demons. I have to do it.'

    Adams began to hit the dog even as officers used a Taser on him
    He was finally restrained after Deputy Mark Margerum retaliated against the crazed man's onslaught and '... punched Bryan in the face approximately five times with [his] right hand.'

    Adams was held at the Okeechobee County jail on $170,000 bond.

    According to the Okeechobee News, Adams is currently on felony probation after being found guilty of criminal mischief following a July 4 arrest.

    Joshua Gardner
    Daily Mail
    January 23, 2014



  1. Ethopathic
    Re: Dad high on meth drags son, 11, into woods for an 'exorcism', then attacks the po

    Something about that story seems... [off.
  2. Houstonsk8r
    Re: Dad high on meth drags son, 11, into woods for an 'exorcism', then attacks the po

    I was thinking the same thing
  3. MikePatton
    Re: Dad high on meth drags son, 11, into woods for an 'exorcism', then attacks the po

    This should definitely be under weird news. And the police version of the events really sounds fishy to me.
  4. ZenobiaSky
    Re: Dad high on meth drags son, 11, into woods for an 'exorcism', then attacks the po

    I'm thinking they left the part out about how they beat the crap out of him, he's lucky though they "only" used a taser, where I live he would have been shot.
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