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  1. torachi
    Brian Dodgeon, 60, was grilled by cops after the tragedy at a party hosted by his 14-year-old daughter while he was away for the night. Kids discovered a stash of drugs including ecstasy, LSD and ketamine hidden in a bedroom.

    Victim Issy Reilly-Jones collapsed after taking two ecstasy pills and died in Notting Hill, West London, before she could be taken to hospital.

    Three other kids, including Mr Dodgeon's daughter, were rushed to A&E with convulsions.

    Others fled as police arrived.

    Teenager Issy died after ecstasy tablets were handed round "like sweets" at the sleepover.

    Youngsters had discovered a stash of drugs hidden in a bedroom during the gathering hosted by Beatrice Hadjipateras, 14.

    Beatrice had invited a dozen friends to her home in upmarket Notting Hill after her parents went away overnight.

    The pals chatted, played music and watched TV before finding the drugs in the early hours of Saturday.

    Sources said ecstasy pills were handed out and popular Issy collapsed after taking two.

    Terrified friends dialled 999, but paramedics found her heart had stopped by the time they arrived.
    Issy was rushed to hospital but attempts to resuscitate her failed.

    Beatrice and two 14-year-old boys, named as Jamal Clarke and Harry Barton, were also taken to hospital suffering convulsions.

    They were in a stable condition last night.

    Beatrice's father Brian Dodgeon, 60 - an education researcher and child development expert - was arrested on suspicion of drug possession and child abandonment.

    A source said: "The girls found a bag containing ecstasy and handed pills out as if they were sweets. Some had been drinking Bacardi and vodka, and mixed them with that.

    "Issy was the first to collapse, and her friends called for an ambulance. The police also turned up and some of the youngsters ran."

    Cops confirmed they had seized quantities of suspected ketamine and LSD as well as ecstasy.

    A source added: "The drugs had not been left lying around. They were taken from a hiding place."

    A neighbour named Daniella revealed Beatrice's mum Angela had warned her about the party, a few streets from PM David Cameron's former home.

    Daniella, 25, said: "There was so much noise I went out. I got a phone call later and my friend said there were police outside."

    A mother of one of the partygoers said: "It was not a drugs party - the kids were drinking when Bea said her dad had got some weed or something so they were looking for it. They found some bags of pills in a wardrobe and four of them took some. Issy had had a bad reaction and had a massive fit."

    Issy, from Acton, had hinted at drug use on a social networking site.

    Describing herself as "a down-to-earth girl", she wrote: "I'm a teenager and changing every day of my life - it's drugs, sex, family and every minute I make mistakes."

    Grieving friends are organising a memorial gathering this afternoon on a green in Chiswick.

    One wrote on Facebook: "It's to show respect, so don't ruin it by bringing drugs or alcohol."

    Mr Dodgeon was released on bail until June. Police urged kids who were at the party to call 0300 123 1212 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.



  1. John Doe
    I'm saddened to note the lack of inclusion of an actual cause of death in this article, notwithstanding a terrible tragedy took place the only actual information about the girls death is the loose inclusion of somewhat of a sequence of events before she collapsed but the author fails to come within a mile of even a hint at a cause of death...

    I really, really dream for a day when the modern media start to become factual and support all of their substance with sourcefull information instead of quoteing heresay and third person reports.

    Am I just dreaming or does anyone think it might actually happen someday?
  2. John Doe
    Learn from daughter's needless drug death, say parents.

    The parents of a teenager who died of a suspected drug overdose urged others to learn from the tragedy as mourners gathered to remember her yesterday.

    Isobel Reilly (15) was at a party with other teenagers at a friend's home in London when she collapsed after taking drugs believed to have been found in the house. She died in the early hours of Saturday morning.

    Police said that Brian Dodgeon (60), a university academic who had left the teenagers unsupervised in his house, had been arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs as well as child abandonment, but he was released on police bail.

    Mr Dodgeon's daughter Beatrice Hadjipateras (14) and two boys of the same age were taken to hospital.


    Police sources said they were investigating whether the schoolchildren had taken drugs, including ecstasy and ketamine, found in the house.
    Mr Dodgeon's partner, Angela Hadjipateras, was with her daughter in hospital last night.

    Police said they had not ruled out questioning her on suspicion of child abandonment.

    Isobel's parents, Patrick Reilly and Lynne Jones, said: "Isobel's family and friends are devastated and heartbroken. We hope that if anything positive comes from this dreadful event, it is that others will make the right decisions."

    Yesterday nearly 100 friends from Chiswick Community School gathered in a local park for an impromptu memorial. Teenagers wept as they described Isobel as "a vibrant person", an "outgoing soul" and someone who was "always laughing".

    Neighbours said that a raucous drunken party had taken place after Mr Dodgeon and Ms Hadjipateras had left their west-London home for the night.

    Isobel's friends called the emergency services but she was beyond saving.
    Mr Dodgeon is due to return for police questioning in June.

    Terri Judd
    Irish Independant
    Tuesday April 26 2011
  3. torachi
    That actually happens pretty frequently with news articles. Its both unfortunate and annoying, but typically when news like this breaks its right away. Toxicology results at the least take a few days, sometimes longer, and sometimes the public isn't informed.

    Toxicology is of course needed to come to an answer, but I think its laid out pretty clearly. If it was just ecstasy it'd be different, but these little kids decided to drink hard liquor on top of it. Its pretty well expected to cause problems.
  4. Phenoxide
    Lecturer suspended over party death girl

    [IMGR=white"]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=20037&stc=1&d=1303862885[/IMGR]A lecturer at the University of London has been suspended after a teenager died at a party at his home.

    Isobel Reilly, 15, fell ill during a party at Brian Dodgeon's home in Barlby Road, north Kensington, west London, in the early hours of Saturday. Mr Dodgeon was arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs and child abandonment and later bailed. The 60-year-old lecturer at the university's Institute of Education has been suspended on full pay. The academic, whose research subjects have included health inequalities and alcohol consumption patterns, was bailed until June. A statement issued by the institute on Monday said it was deeply sorry to hear of the teenager's death and extended its sympathy to her family and friends.

    Vigil held

    Detectives are understood to be investigating whether Isobel died after taking drugs. An ambulance was called to the house at about 0400 BST and she was taken to hospital but died later that morning. A 14-year-old girl and two 14-year-old boys were also taken to hospital for observation but they are now thought to be out of danger.

    On Monday scores of family and friends held a vigil and laid flowers at a green in Chiswick, west London, in Isobel's memory.

    A post-mortem examination is due to be carried out on Wednesday.

    BBC News
    26th April 2011, Updated 19:51 BST


    Sad story and one that is attracting plenty of media attention, particularly in the London area. There seem to be multiple allegations that the illicit drugs belonged to the house owner, which adds a rather sinister twist to what happened. I think this is one of those rare cases where we will actually get the follow-up and find out the exact cause of death as charges are likely to be pressed and the media will be watching.

    It's interesting that most of the TV and newspaper coverage is focussing on the ecstacy and underplaying the ketamine and alcohol when they may also have played a role here. Perhaps this is just a reflection of MDMA's ludicrous class A controlled status in the UK though?

    The parent quoted in the Independent article saying that "it wasn't a drug party" despite the fact that 14 year olds were binge drinking strong alcohol raised my brow. One of those naive and slightly bemusing alcohol vs. everything illicit double standards.
  5. cra$h
    thought they weren't allowed to release the name of minors like that?
  6. Terrapinzflyer
    While I would like that to be true I'm not sure I agree. I can already see that MDMA, as "ecstasy" will likely be blamed regardless of the actual makeup of the pills.

    And I think to often the "exact" cause of death is, at best, hard to pin down, and it seems quite frequently coroners are willing to take the easy way out...or to be fair...the forces that control them will spin a lot of various factors into a narrow cause that suits their purpose.
  7. Terrapinzflyer
    Party death schoolgirl learned about drugs on web, says teacher
    Schoolgirl Isobel Reilly who died after allegedly taking ecstasy during a party at the home of a university academic was tempted to try drugs after learning about them on the internet, a teacher at her school said yesterday.

    Isobel Reilly died at the home of Brian Dodgeon, 60, a university research fellow. Mr Dodgeon was arrested on suspicion of drug possession and child abandonment after he allegedly left his 14-year-old daughter, Beatrice, alone at home in North Kensington. She is also in hospital after allegedly taking drugs.

    Miss Reilly is believed to have died after finding ecstasy and other drugs, believed to be LSD and ketamine, in a bedroom drawer.

    Police are investigating whether the drugs belonged to Mr Dodgeon. Isobel had hinted at taking drugs previously.

    On a social networking site she wrote: “I’m a teenager and changing every day of my life – it’s drugs, sex, family and every minute I make mistakes.”

    Friends spoke about drug use and parties on social networking sites such as Facebook, where Isobel was said to have more than 1,000 friends, and Twitter.

    One girl wrote in a tribute to her: “I will always remember that train home from the protest in November. Rolling that terrible spliff in the toilet of Café Nero.

    “A good thing that has come out of this is I will never be so careless with drugs as I have. To carry on would be an insult to her memory.”

    Isobel was a pupil at Chiswick Community School and Jayne Williamson, an English teacher, said Isobel had been drawn into drug-taking by the internet. “She was into the kind of things that teenagers get into but she got into the world wide web. She got caught and we are devastated,” she said.

    Her son was at the party but left early because he had a midnight curfew.

    As hundreds of teenagers gathered in a park to hold a memorial, worried parents of Isobel’s friends said they were shocked that drugs were in the house.

    One father said: “My boy was at the party but he shouldn’t have even been there.
    “When I found out I went to pick him up at 11.30pm. He didn’t take anything. They hadn’t gone looking for stuff by then. It’s tragic. You feel like you want to wrap your kids up in cotton wool, but you can’t.

    “It’s just awful to think that could have been your kid that died.

    “It’s such a waste of life.”

    Diane Bardon, whose son was in the same year as Isobel, said: “Why were there drugs in the house in the first place? It’s a harmful substance.

    “When your kids are babies you lock things away from them. You protect them, this is no different.”

    One partygoer told how he saw Isobel die and said he has since had flashbacks of her death.

    Writing on his Facebook page on Saturday night, just hours after the fatal party, he said: “This morning my life changed forever. I can’t believe what I saw with my own eyes and now keep getting flashbacks.

    “I remember yesterday we were talking about birthdays and now you won’t be able to see your next one.

    “We’ve been through highs and lows but mostly highs and now I find it so hard to believe what just happened.”

    By Duncan Gardham and Mark Hughes
    26 Apr 2011

  8. kailey_elise
    Oh, yes, that EVIL INTERNET sucked her in. Because kids never experimented with drugs prior to the invention of the Internet, right?

    I mean, heaven-forbid that her parents monitor their child's web-surfing habits.*


    * [size=-1]not that I am in any way blaming her parents; I just hate when parents say "That evil Internet taught my child to do *insert activity parent dislikes*! It must be banned, or regulated, or something! Think of the CHILDRENS!!!" instead of, you know, taking responsibility for their child & paying attention & engaging them & seeing what their browsing habits are.[/size]
  9. John Doe
    This one quotation in bold tells more about this story than can possibly be reported.... horseshit is what it means in English. When was the last time ANYONE you know has ever referred, even jokingly, to the internet as the 'world wide web'? I expect a universal 'never' as an answer...
  10. kailey_elise
    Actually, young'un, it was commonly referred to as the WWW back in the day.

    I don't think I've heard it referred to by that name since, oh, 1994 or so, but still. ;)

  11. torachi
    A teenage boy who was taken to hospital after taking drugs at a party at which a fellow pupil died had never taken illegal substances before, his father claimed today.

    Isobel Jones-Reilly, 15, known as Issy, died in the early hours of Saturday after taking a cocktail of drugs at a party at the home of University of London academic Brian Dodgeon.

    Paramedics tried to revive her but she died in hospital.

    Two of Isobel's classmates, Harry Barton and Jamal Clarke, both 14, as well as Mr Dodgeon's daughter Beatrice Hadjipateras, 14, also took drugs at the party and needed hospital treatment.

    Harry Barton's father Nicolas, a company director, today told how his son has been left "traumatised" by the death of his close friend and claimed he had never taken drugs before the party.

    Mr Barton, 42, from west London, said: "He is traumatised. He is in shock. He is remorseful, but he is physically okay. He was discharged on Tuesday. Harry took one tablet. There was no alcohol or anything else in his bloodstream. This will be verified by the police and the hospital.

    "I can say with absolute certainty that he has not taken drugs before. I feel that Harry's experience was driven by curiosity."

    Mr Barton said police had spoken to his son in hospital about what went on at the party in Ladbroke Grove.

    Detectives are trying to establish how the drugs, including LSD, amphetamines and ketamine, came to be at the house.

    Mr Dodgeon, 60, is an education expert at the University of London's Institute of Education where he researches social problems including alcohol consumption. He and his partner Angela Hadjipateras, 54, were held by police after the party and could face charges of child abandonment.

    There were reports that the teenagers, from Chiswick Community School, found a stash of drugs at the house during the unsupervised party. Isobel collapsed having suffered a heart attack. Friends tried to assist her before calling the paramedics, who then took her to St Mary's Hospital.

    Mr Barton said his son will return to school on Tuesday. Mr Dodgeon was suspended on full pay after police held him on suspicion of child abandonment and possessing drugs. He has been bailed until June.

  12. torachi
    Issy drug lecturer in suicide jump bid

    The university academic arrested after the ecstasy death of Issy Reilly tried to kill himself yesterday by leaping off a bridge.

    Brian Dodgeon, 60, broke both legs as he plummeted from a 30ft flyover ten days after 15-year-old Issy apparently found the drug at a party thrown by his daughter.

    Horrified motorists called 999 and he was rushed to hospital - where last night he was "serious but stable".

    A source said: "It looked very much like a suicide attempt. He was very fortunate to have survived." Issy's heart stopped after she allegedly took two pills from Mr Dodgeon's bedside drawer in North Kensington, West London.

    The research fellow and his partner had gone out leaving his daughter Beatrice, 14, to hold the party. Beatrice and two teenage boys were treated in hospital after also apparently taking narcotics.

    Cops seized ecstasy, amphetamines, LSD and the horse tranquilliser ketamine from the house. Mr Dodgeon was arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs - and child abandonment.

    The tormented academic -suspended a week ago by the University of London - plunged from the flyover on the capital's busy North Circular road while free on bail.

    He had parked his car close by in Walthamstow, East London. The source said: "He landed at the side of the road, and not in the middle of the carriageway. No cars hit him but several motorists saw him and called police."

  13. Phenoxide
    If that isn't an indication of guilt then I don't know what is. What a coward. At least he won't be skipping bail with two broken legs though.
  14. kailey_elise
    Guilt, certainly. I would feel horribly guilty if my child snuck into my room while I was out, discovered & ingested my drugs, then needed to be hospitalised because of it (& one of her friends died).

    I mean, of course he's torturing himself; if only I'd had them hidden better, if only I'd had them in a lock box, if only my daughter didn't have a party while I was out...

    All kinds of things. It's not like he gave the kids the drugs, but carelessness on his part resulted in tragedy.

  15. Ghetto_Chem

    This story is crazy. Ya swims friend feels bad for the guy, it was completely stupid of him to just have them in a drawer. But sometimes people do stupid things even when they are good people. Happens all the time.

    Swims friend thinks he is so mentally fucked now, going against everything he used to believe. It sounds like he was somewhat of an advocate of sensible drug use. Now his world went upside down... He killed someone and he'll never be able to get it out of his mind. The suicide attempt was most likely an attempt to get away from the demons within, moreso than just cuz he has to go to prison now.

    Swims friend has seen first hand how bad it can hurt to watch a family member, friend, or even stranger die from and OD. Alot of "what ifs" come into the mind and they never leave.

    Now with all that said, this sounds like the ketamine might have had more of play in what happened. The guy sounds like he knows a thing or two on substances and probably didn't have bunk x laying around. But swims friend is unsure what would happen if someone their first time took way too many pills. He has seen people go overboard before with mdma, but its not a good thing to go too overboard with k.

  16. Phenoxide
    I don't see much that's sensible about having a banquet of psychoactives totally accessible in the same house as a kid (and it's clear the daughter knew they were there and where to look for them). There's even less sense in leaving said drugs unsupervised for a party of drunk teens to find. That kind of carelessness in no way advocates sensible drug use in my opinion, quite the opposite. Making sure drugs don't fall into the wrong hands is a pretty key element of being responsible with them. It certainly doesn't seem as if he educated his daughter either if accounts of her handing out pills like candy are to be believed. I wouldn't mistake being able to hold down a family and a respectable job with being a sensible drug user.

    And he deserves to live with that burden because he's fully earned it. Through his stupidity several children were hospitalized and one is now dead. He tried to take the coward's way out. How do you think his daughter feels right now, and how do you think she'd have felt if he'd succeeded in killing himself? He also tried to deprive the family of the deceased the hope of some small measure of closure in seeing him brought to justice for the part he played in this affair.

    I have no sympathy for the guy whatsoever, and I'm amazed that he of all people is the one you feel sorry for in all of this. Sure there are plenty of "what ifs" but they all stem from the mind numbing negligence of his part. It should have been obvious that leaving a haul of readily accessible drugs with a house full of rowdy teens was directly endangering. The one I feel sorry for (other than the family of the deceased, who I have to say have been remarkably dignified) is the daughter. She was just doing what kids do and now she has a suicidal parent facing substantial jail time, while her friend is six feet under.
  17. kailey_elise
    Don't get it twisted. Having empathy for a guy who obviously made some moronic mistakes in no way means someone doesn't feel empathy, sympathy & compassion for other people in the situation.

  18. Ghetto_Chem
    Don't mistaken his sympathies... He deserves what he has coming, it doesn't mean good people don't do stupid things sometimes. More the situation than him, but cant help to feel a little bad for the guy. He thought he might have been an advocate for sensible drug use as he obviously used substances but still studied in areas like health equality and alcohol abuse patterns. Sounds sensible enough?

    If you read carefully the girl was looking for buds, she apparently had little idea that those substances would be available. Like he said before it was completely idiotic to leave them where he did... And he has to live with that.

    Swims friend is sure that the guy didn't expect all this to happen simply from leaving some shit in some drawers. Thats what he is saying more about why he feels bad, but now he has to live with the decision he made. He has seen alot of people in his life that were good people make simple mistakes that completely change their lives, its just sad. Sad for everyone in this case, a father who killed his daughters friend, a daughter with no mother or father if they get thrown away.

    After reading swims friends last post he can see how he came off as completely sympathizing with the guy and no one else... He shoulda worded it a little better.

  19. Herbs&Hopes
    Everyone should implement use of a lock-box or personal-safe, less than $50-70 for some, easy to find, fire(and other disasters)-proof even in some cases if you shop around [bit more $$ though]. That way, this circumstance is much more difficult to bring into action as there is at least a first-line defence of lock & key, or some sort of combination vs simply opening a drawer or cardboard container, or perhaps a cd box of some sort. It is very simlple to prepare basic preemptive-remedy with a second of forethought and a few minutes running downtown to make the purchase and perhaps copy an extra key for ONLY YOU to know about.

    That said, I feel deeply for the kids and families of those involved; had lies about the dangers of marijuana not been overly played-up over the years, perhaps individuals would realize that there are in fact dangers and a proper way of doing things when it comes to substances instead of quickly overlooking such things when first uncovering the beginnings of the lies mixed with half-truths they have been taught all the years prior to actually being faced with a drug-situation which his more or less inevitable in this day and age.

    Unfortunately scare-tactics and scare-mongering are prevalent so many people figure, if marijuana isn't causing the immediate harm they have been adamantly warned about, many other drugs must have been lied about as well..... then proceed to jump in head first with no safety nets in place or understanding of what to look for in order to stay safe and avoid problems. You wouldnt hand somebody the keys to a race-car, or the controls to some heavy machinery without first learning the ropes, you do not unleash somebody with zero knowledge of exercise in a gym without some basic safety kowledge about the body and healthy, proper execution of movement during weight-lifting, etcetera, signs of improper exercise/strain; why would it be any different for a situation utilizing drugs or any situation which involvs risk and performance-error. Forethought and consideration of potential consequence is key to successful actions no matter what the task.

  20. godztear
    Speculations are just that. As of now there is reason to believe that someone at the party whom arived after midnight supplied the drugs and this man tried to kill himself because his child chose to place blame on their father and not snitch out their associate.

    Anyone can speculate, its jumping to conclusions that get people hurt.

    Conclusions including the drugs were the fathers, that mixing random drugs is safe, etc.
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