Dad killed drug pusher to save addict daughter, defence argues

By Alfa · Jun 20, 2007 · ·
  1. Alfa
    Old but controversial:


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  1. nalbano34
    I don't see how the guy thought that killing the one dealer would stop his daughter from pursueing her habit. Very weak defense if you ask SWim.
  2. Police Officer
    Thats a very compelling argument. If I was forced to pick, I think I wouldve picked manslaughter.
  3. Heretic.Ape.
    You don't think that the fellow could have somehow, maybe...just maybe figured out some other way to save his daughter other than pumping five rounds into the guy? If that's not a case of premeditated murder I don't know what is.
  4. Orchid_Suspiria
    Maybe his daughter didn't want to be saved,some people don't.You have to accept that.No one made his daughter use morphine other than herself.You can place blame on lots of people but in the end there is a such thing as responsibillity.
  5. Bajeda
    I believe that shows a bit of bias on your end. There were many other paths the man could have taken to take his daughter out of harms way, and violence wasn't necessarily one of them. He let his emotions get to him, which is understandable, but he went too far. I'm actually surprised you would have gone for that one.

    The fact is that however dislikeable the guy may have been (and that is complete speculation, as the media tends to demonize drug users and especially dealers), he shouldn't have been shot five times. There is no way you could say the daughter was absolutely going to OD and die from morphine (the father let his fears get to him), and even then it wouldn't self-defence shooting the dealer. Its still outright murder, if a bit warm blooded.
  6. Laudaphun
    Nothing makes SWIM madder than her parents trying to blame everyone else in the world for SWIM's addiction... except for SWIM. SWIM very openly admits that her addictions of the past were entirely 100% her own fault. SWIM will openly admit that no one ever forced her or even had to encourage her to try any drugs of any sort.

    SWIM's family doesn't hear it though, they just retort, "I'd do this" or "I'd do that to those dirtbags that got my poor little SWIM hooked on drugs"... SWIM repeats, again... SWIM made her own decisions, there were never any stereotypical drug dealers pushing these horrible drugs on innocent SWIM. SWIM wanted to experiment with things, and quite eagerly she might add. But it's like talking to an wall... nothing SWIM says registers. SWIM hasn't touched heroin in over 18 months but they still think she's in denial or something. Then when SWIM even comes close to convincing them that is addiction was totally her fault, they want to diagnosis her with bi-polar or severe depression. There must be a reason SWIM decided to start taking those drugs. Maybe SWIM does have some anxiety issues, but that's definitely not why she experimented with any drugs... Maybe its why she prefers heroin over cocaine, but not why started taking them.

    SWIM's parents will blame her friends... but actually, as SWIM remembers it, all those who really were SWIM's friends were introduced to opiates by SWIM... but yet her parents can't accept that. They can't accept that SWIM willingly sought out heroin, very anxious to try it, full well knowing the consequences that were likely to result. Of course SWIM didn't really have a good grasp on the term "addiction" at that point in time. They cannot come to terms with any possibility might have made his own decisions. SWIM just gets so frustrated because the guy in that article sounds like SWIM's family so much.

    Regardless of what that girl wanted, even through at 16 years of age she was so young, regardless of whether she even got or stayed clean or still uses... she was young when her boyfriend was murdered, which likely messed with her head and will for a long time if she actually witnessed him being shot 5 times as SWIM suspects she was, as he bled to death with his head resting on her lap. All that shit aside, despite what her father did, she doesn't want to lose her dad for the rest of her life... Maybe watching her dad shoot a bunch of holes through her boyfriend made her clean maybe not... Or maybe, she never quit opiates. Even if she was angry with her father at the time, 4 years is plenty of time for a 16 year old girl to realize that her father only did it out of love for her. I'd guess she still is an opiate user unless she is super adamant about not letting her father's "10 to life" be for nothing.

    More young people take drugs than older people... some quit and go on to do other things... some don't and just waste their lives... some lead a productive lives and try to hide it. Maybe this James character would have got cleaned up and did something really positive with his life. The man should be charged with first-degree murder, it was obviously pre-meditated, his defense is just one big guilt trip. The only card he's got is many parents out there feel for him, and he'll play that card until he's run out of appeals or he gets away with murder.
  7. Orchid_Suspiria
    ^^That pretty much sums it all up right there.The same applies for swim,no one ever made him do anything no one ever pushed it on him.He made the choice to find the needle,he made the choice to put it in his vein.Swim admits to it.

    Nothing makes swim angrier than his parents trying to blame everyone else in the world(well other than his fucking dad sitting there with a glass of whiskey in his hand saying swim should be locked up hope the fuck has acute liver failure soon but thats beside the point)and maybe the boyfriend wasn't so bad.Maybe he didn't like seeing the girl hooked on morphine anymore than the girls family.Perhaps he simply just hated to see the girl in the painful and desperate state of withdrawal and simply did what he could to keep it at bay.

    The person that introduced swim to methadone was swims friend and still is so that throws out the whole NA lie of"People that give you drugs aren't your friends"The person simply didn't know anything about opiates or what methadone and its addiction potential was.This person has apologized to swim for getting him on it and now tries to give it to swim for free,swim has to demand to pay the guy sometimes.So that throws out that old lie.
  8. stoneinfocus
    Saving his daughter? slaughtering her boyfriend with a gun into a bunch of bloody flesh, before her eyes?

    I see, she will be greatful for this experience and someday ... mabybe shortly before she´s dying, aggree, that these responsible parentes "saved" "her" life, thinking of her friend lying dead in a lake of blood before her, gunned down by her father.
    they´d realized if she were drunk, eh .. so what then.... burning all bars and killing all bar tenders shooting all that ever drove drunk?

    Up, up, to hell, with those psychos, will have a fun time tryin getting along with some inmates :D ... and -damn, what will they do for killing time*g*
  9. Alfa
    Note that the 'Dealer' was the girls boyfriend. So there may be a lot more at play, then just the drugs issue.
    I would say though that drug addiction tangled into a relationship is a combination that is very hard to break. Try beating a strong addiction when your sole mate is still much into it. mhm. IMO that more than tripples the problem.
    Also; I very much doubt other dealers would sell the girl anything if they know the last dealer was killed for that action.
  10. stoneinfocus
    ... if... so actually .. not gonna happen she won´t getting stuff of anybody.

    Yet, we don´t know anything, out of the stroy... how much did they shot up? did they shot up? or were they smoking a opium pipe and the "friends" felt compelled telling this to Jadah´s parents, who thought it was a morphine addiction, the sure way to death *g*.

    They were arguing before and drugs are blamed.

    Maybe the father was just an asshole ansd jealous on that guy, so making him a "dealer" is actually a safe justification for having a clean vest feeling like he´s done the right thing, gving him shelter.


    Mostly, if a coupple uses drugs, they so before each on their own and when they break up, when they´re fed up about each other, dealer or not, it actually makes no difference (for heavily addicted bitch or a moderately using girl, both would still get everything at almost the same dealing conditions from the same dealer/person)
  11. podge
    That's just plain stupid. Why did the man need 30 bullet's if he didnt intend on killing the man ? It was clearly premeditated. As a police officer swiy should know that. Obviously the father was upset.....her daughter was going out with someone 8 years her senior and he was giving her a highly addictive drug.

    But premeditated murder is premeditated murder what ever way you look at it....just because the dead man was a bit sick going out with a girl of that age at his age and because he was drug user and dealer user doesnt mean anybody has a right to class his death as any less important.

    The father could have easily come in and beat the shit out the man or maybe put a bullet in his leg......but he decided that he needed to pump five bullets into him. That father does did not deserve manslaughter. Altough i understand his situation and i sympathise with him.
  12. ryceboy
    lets say if ur daughter was with this guy and hes giving her these drugs that are highly addictive (im not sure if its addicitive) and it can kill her and hes probably fucking her every hour. this girl is only 16 years old she is still a minor. what would you do ? go to the boyfriend and tell him to stay away ? only that you will be ignored and made a fool of. in the story it did say that he went to the boyfriend and talked to him but that was useless. what this father did was show unconditional love to his daughter and now she realizes how much her father is willing to sacrafice to save her. i think he should be given a reward for killing this guy.
  13. Heretic.Ape.
    Yes I commend him on his valor and bravery, his undeniable genius in surmounting obstacles and his humanitarian spirit in resorting to murder to solve his problems. Right.
  14. tayo
    this could be paralleled to cases where people are hunting sex offenders (finding their addresses in the registries) in hopes of protecting future happenings. but to kill is to deny existence to another, in the pettiest way it is a cop-out in attempting to play god.
  15. ryceboy
    i guess he should of given him a warning like " stay the fuck away from my daughter or im goin to blow ur head off"
  16. tayo
    yeah or tazer him, and then say that
  17. ryceboy
    but then the girl would probably go back to him or he would still have contact with this girl right ? so what happens next
  18. tayo
    actually, uhhh, could have set up a sting operation or simply informed the local DEA or police that this person was a dealer... if he had access to kill him he had access to where he was, his name, and what drugs he was giving his daughter. so he should have reported him and put him away in jail... now thats where he is going
  19. ryceboy
    didnt it say in the article that the father contacted police but they didnt do anything
  20. ryceboy
    "It was a culmination of so many different factors - the attempts we took, the steps we took to get her out of the drug house, our pleas to police were ignored,'' said Walker.
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