"Daddy ate my eyes"... WTBF???!

By Ally420 · May 27, 2009 · ·
  1. Ally420
    [h1]Officials want answers in case of man 'eating' boy's eyes[/h1]

    May 20, 10:43 PM

    Kern County supervisors on Tuesday demanded that child protective services officials explain what happened in the case of a father accused of biting out the eyes of his 4-year-old son.

    Angelo Mendoza, 34, faces four felony charges in the vicious attack on his son Angelo Mendoza Jr. on April 28.
    Doctors have said that the child's left eye and muscle are gone, and his right eye is damaged beyond repair after "this evil person," as one supervisor called Mendoza, left the boy naked in a pool of blood to be discovered by neighbors.

    Mendoza, who has used a wheelchair since being stabbed in the spine in 2004, has been involved in 22 criminal cases in Kern County, officials said.

    In 2006, both Mendoza and the boy's mother pleaded no contest to willful cruelty to a child after being found under the influence of drugs.

    On the day of the attack, Mendoza had apparently used PCP, but was left in charge of the boy nonetheless. After neighbors found the child, Mendoza was discovered in a vacant lot, chopping at his legs with an ax.

    According to police reports, the child told officers, "My daddy ate my eyes," and, "Daddy bit my eyes and hands."
    On Tuesday, county supervisors were briefed by child services director Pat Cheadle, who seemed clueless as to why the child was still in the care of his parents, despite their criminal history.

    "This is an example of one of those horrible, horrible tragic situations that happen," Cheadle told the supervisors. "And certainly we wish there was an explanation for it at this time."

    Supervisor Ray Watson wasn't satisfied with that answer. "I think the public is terribly frustrated that they're not able to have access to the issues that led up to this horrible tragedy," he said.

    Supervisors pressed Cheadle to determine if information in the case could be made public under a new state law that allows release of information when a child dies or nearly dies.

    "This evil person who did this act, if they were not interrupted, could we define it as 'near fatality' to show that to the public -- at least that we do have the checks and balances and the ombudsman who's evaluating it, and the investigation, so that we can be open, transparent and accountable to the public?" Supervisor Michael Rubio asked.

    Mendoza was slated to be in Kern County Superior Court on Wednesday morning, but that was delayed because of his medical condition. Mendoza was listed in fair condition at Kern Medical Center.


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  1. Nature Boy
    I'm not getting through their politically-correct vernacular here. What is meant by "I think the public is terribly frustrated that they're not able to have access to the issues that led up to this horrible tragedy"? What issues and what access? Seems the only issue here is that this Mendoza is horrible, decrepit individual who commited a vile act where he should be punished accordingly. Prison is made for fuckers like that. Shame is, this story will just be used as another "drugs are bad, m'kay!" scare story.

    I think the lesson for D-F members is to argue for the legalisation of the marijuanas and the magic mushrooms of this world before calling for the availability of the cocaines, heroins and (ah gad, dare I say it!!) the PCPs. I know it's a half-way house but these personal stories rattle even the staunchest anti-prohibitionists.
  2. Ally420
    I think the locals want to know why Mr Mendoza chose to behave in this way (the issue) and feel they have a right to such information (the access).

    I am not sure the message is "drugs are bad, m'kay?" as much as PCP is bad m'kay?
  3. snapper
    SWIM thinks there are enough stories of self and other heinous mutilations on PCP to substantiate that it is a bad drug.
    SWIM used it twice a long time ago on accident back when they laced weed with it to make it stronger and came to a similar conclusion.
    Very sad story. Shame the knife didn't pierce Mendoza's kidney or aorta instead of his spine. Not only did he live to do more harm, but he is an unfair burden on taxpayers. An eye for an eye is a tempting conclusion to this, along with life in prison. Two wrongs don't make a right though; throwing away the key would be adequate.
  4. Greenport
    SwiM wonders if the guy knew he was doing it when he was under the influence of the drug...it's gross and horrid but swiM's question is whether this guy woulda done something like that had he not been on PCP.
  5. EscapeDummy
    Not relevant, just the fact he took PCP while in sole care of the child is serious child endangerment. He's obviously a troubled individual also, should not have been allowed to take care of the child at all, due to his large criminal record. Also wtf was the mother doing?
  6. SullyGuy
    People tend to lump drugs that are not alcohol or prescription into a category together. It's really too bad. SWIM once heard someone put crack and LSD in the same category with the rationalization "they make you crazy!"

    And that eye-biter... what ever could compel you to do that!? I do not understand...
  7. Ally420
    I think this is at the heart of what was meant by:

    Despite how horrible this event is I too can't help but wonder what compelled him to behave in such a fashion.
  8. mugwump77
    SWIM has used PCP quite a few times, and he never understands any of the reports he hears about this drug. most of the time he obsessed about his heart stopping, but the idea of plucking out eyes, or flipping parked cars seems outrageous. walking was hard enough to focus on. is this something that happens after MASSIVE doses? because honestly, SWIM is as close to positive as one can be that he got PCP, and he NEVER felt like he could pull this shit off.
  9. Ally420
    Not sure about this particular report but most others I have read or watched on TV have involved people who were regular consumers of excessive doses. With such use there is also the possibility of cumulative effects on mental stability.
  10. Tux27
    I think this point is relevant to the conversation, and I would be interested to know.

    I have a friend who was studying to be an EMT, and the instructor said the happenings with PCP users were always the weirdest. The one that I can recall of the top of my head was when somebody on PCP was in the ambulance on a stretcher, and started masturbating so furiously that he couldn't be restrained. I believe he finished, as well, but I'd have to ask for the story again.
  11. Subvert
    SWIM has heard a lot of horror stories about PCP but this has to be the worst.

  12. MisterV
    Okay SWIM must say that taking drugs which could harm the child you should look after isnt excusabel. But i dont think this guy expected doing such insane things, he had no choice. Reminds SWIM of the guy around here who cut off his penis with a hedge trimmer, roasted it and finally ate it! This happened while being on angels trumpets!
  13. beizebopp
    SWIM finds it obvious that the man was not in a safe state of mind, nor does SWIM think that the man has attacked the kid solely out of "evil".
    The guy was on PCP, he probably had no idea what he was doing in this world. Heck, they found him cutting his own legs off..

    SWIM thinks that this is a prime case for better drug awareness.

    SWIM has had dreams he could not control in which he has done horrible things, possible the man was in such a state from the PCP that he didnt realise.. SWIM is not condoning this, he is just trying to point out that PCP seems to have played a large role in all of this.

    SWIM is very interested to know what the man was thinking.
  14. Ally420
    Yeah anticholinergics like that can also get really weird too. yay for dissocitives and deliriants. :confused:
  15. Hollow Hippie
    SWIM wouldn't lump dissociatives and deliriants together, PCP may be an exception but ketamine and DXM would never cause an individual to do this sort of thing.
  16. RoboCodeine7610
    Well I don't think that the inmates he'll be with won't make him pay for it...He probably WILL get his eyes ripped out before they waste him.
  17. sandoz1943
    I almost wish this thread would go away. It makes me ill every time I even see the title in the New Posts. Makes me wish there was some special hell for sick people like this. How terrible for the child. Someday he will have to deal with the fact that his own father did this to him.
  18. anonuser30500
    Swim actually believes there is a special hell for people like that.

    But, as for tormenting the perp in the here and now that would reduce us to bestial-like trash also.

    Best just to lock him up until he dies in a single cell with no association.

    To balance the news of the horror of this case, let us reflect on the 'angels' who would have helped that poor child and who will be helping him on the road to recovery and throughout his life.

    Swim thinks the good always outweighs the bad in a community.

    In the individual it is another thing.
  19. RoboCodeine7610
    It is beyond horrific,indeed.But what makes you think that you wouldn't do such a thing yourself while under the influence of a strong dissociating drug, such as PCP?

    I mean he does deserve the worst, but surely his actions were the product of PCP-induced psychosis.
  20. sandoz1943
    SWIM has done some strong dissociatives PCP, Ketamine, DXM. She has never had the urge to do anything that dark. Makes her think there must have been some underlying mental issues as well. She has heard of people doing some pretty messed up things on PCP and thinks they might do them on K or DXM except they tend to immobilize the user. Thats the problem with PCP is it puts some crazy thoughts in your head but leaves you still able to run around and do damage to yourself and others. PCP scares SWIM she tried to a few times just to see what it was all about. Don't think SWIM will ever have the urge to do it again.
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